Top 7 Best Free Keyword Research Tools in 2023

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August 6, 2020
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Free Keyword Research Tools For SEO

Are you looking to find the right keyword that will increase your website traffic? Well, keywords are the basic foundation of your organic strategy and an essential element factor for ranking in Google. People use keywords which are often called search terms to find your website. To help you come across these keywords, you need a free keyword research tools.

If you are writing a new blog or starting a new website, it becomes tough to stand out with your content in this brimming marketplace without a satisfactory keyword research tool. The primary aim of your digital marketing strategy and SEO must necessarily depend on a fairly decent and reliable keyword research tool. Who would not be happy if you can find a tool without investing so much money from your pocket? In this blog, we’ll analyze some of the best free keyword research tools available online and very few of them are familiar with it.

free keyword research tools

A keyword tool is always important to provide details like search volumes, keyword suggestions, competitor’s target keyword, SEO difficulty level, Cost Per Click (CPC), etc when it comes to content writing or marketing. In short, the tool will help you completely in establishing the right content marketing strategy.

With the help of these criteria, here’s the list of the top 6 free keyword research tools for SEO in 2020:

  • Ubersuggest

With the help of Ubersuggest– a free application tool, you will be able to find more than a hundred long-tail keywords within a few minutes. This tool offers complete awareness related to your website traffic and organic keywords.


  • You will get a complete SEO report to know the competitor’s page ranking for keywords.
  • An organic set of keywords can be discovered from other websites.
  • This tool will also help you understand backlinks having the most effect on your rankings.
  • For every keyword, you will be able to see search volume, competition, and seasonal trends.
  • It provides a list of keywords depending on what other people are typing into the Google search engine.
  • Ubersuggest helps you to develop better content based on the topics that people are most interested in.

Google Trends is an online application that examines the demand for top search queries in Google. This tool can be used to find across various languages and regions. It also uses graphs for the comparison of the search for various queries.


  • With this tool’s help, you can know search trends daily and real-time search trends.
  • Google Trends provides different categories like news, people, athletes, beauty, food, fashion, etc.
  • You will get year-wise statistics with the help of Google Trends.
  • This tool helps you to be aware of other people’s interests at any given time and compare search rank to one another.
  • This application automatically identifies topics based on the search keyword.
  • You will be provided with a drop-down menu where you can switch between trending and most searched views.

Google Trends

3. Google Keyword Planner

With the help of Google Keyword Planner, you can build search network campaigns. It also helps you to select competitive bids and budgets to use with your organization. This tool provides keyword ideas and website traffic prediction.


  • Google Keyword Planner allows you to search for keywords based on the phrase appropriate to service, product, or website.
  • With the help of statistics, you can decide to use a keyword for the current or new campaigns.
  • You can also add words, phrases, and web page URLs with the help of this tool.
  • It will provide you with a list of average monthly searches.
  • You can see visualizations by platforms, locations, and search volume trends.
  • You can download the ideas recommended by this tool.

Google Keyword Planner

4.Soovle: A Symphony of Suggestions Across Multiple Platforms

Picture a symphony of keyword suggestions across Google, Amazon, Bing, and more – that’s Soovle. This harmonious tool presents a unified canvas of keyword insights from various search engines, offering a holistic perspective on user behavior. As you orchestrate your content strategy, Soovle guides your composition with data-rich notes, creating a symphony of search success.


  • You can easily shift from one search engine to the other.
  • You can customize searching options.
  • You will get to know suggestions when you perform a search on the given search engine.
  • The saved items can be reused in the future. Unveiling Hidden Treasures Beyond Google

Diving into the depths of keyword discovery, casts its net beyond Google to include platforms like YouTube, Amazon, and even Instagram. This expansive approach unveils keyword gems hidden in specialized searches, widening your content’s reach and resonance. With insightful suggestions from a multitude of platforms, you’ll harness the power of cross-channel optimization.

Answer The Public delivers a whole range of long-tail keywords when you enter your targeted keyword. It finds questions, prepositions, alphabetical, comparisons and related searches. The results are drawn from search results at Google and Bing. It also provides a mass of keyword options.


  • This tool provides a complete visualization of the data.
  • Any word can be entered in the search textbox, and this application will give content suggestions automatically.
  • It supports many languages.

6. Keyword Tool Dominator

This tool enables you to search for long-tail keywords your audience is searching for. It also lets you see keyword data from some very large platforms like eBay, Amazon, etc. You will get a list of more than a hundred keyword phrases with the use of this application.


  • It provides real-time keyword suggestions.
  • You can find hundreds of keyword suggestions in less time.
  • Keyword Tool Dominator allows you to search phrases from one search term.
  • This application forecasts the result from other people who use the internet.
  • It offers a list of the results of what it thinks you are searching for.
  • You can see the expected popular search terms
  1. Keyword Sheeter: Crafting Your Keyword Blueprint

Amplifying your keyword brainstorming sessions, Keyword Sheeter blankets you with a barrage of suggestions. This tool unleashes a deluge of keyword combinations derived from Google’s auto-suggest feature, immersing you in a sea of possibilities. As you sift through the results, your keyword blueprint takes shape, offering an endless palette to paint your content masterpiece.


Keyword research is very important for any SEO task. Whatever your aim is and whatever business you run, choosing the right SEO keywords is the basic thing, and it also adjusts the direction of your SEO campaign. So it is better if you ensure to list out your SEO toolset with a few of these free and accessible tools.

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