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As a leading Logo Design Company in Mohali , Leciel Technologies takes pride in helping businesses across the region and beyond establish a unique and memorable brand identity. Our team of skilled and creative designers is committed to crafting logos that not only look visually appealing but also effectively communicate your brand’s essence.


Our Main Logo Design Services in Mohali

process we follow

At LeCiel Technologies, our logo design process is client-centric and structured for success:

Client Consultation

At Leciel Technologies, the logo design process begins with a thorough consultation.


Research and Inspiration

Our team conducts extensive research into your industry, competitors, and design trends. We look for inspiration and identify opportunities


Logo Concept Development

In this stage, our creative designers start sketching and brainstorming ideas. We generate multiple concept options


Logo Design Refinement

After presenting the initial concepts to you, we gather feedback and work on refining the chosen design. We pay close attention to details


Feedback and Revisions

We value your input throughout the process. We encourage feedback and revisions to ensure your satisfaction on Logo


Finalization and Delivery

Once the logo design is approved, we finalize the design, ensuring it is ready for use in various applications.

Your success is our priority, and our process ensures a website that exceeds your expectations.

Logo Designing Service Packages

2d Logo Designing

1000 INR

  • iconCreative 2D logo design
  • iconTime of Delivery: 3 Days
  • iconRevisions: 2 rounds of revisions
  • iconHigh-resolution files
  • iconPNG, JPEG, and SVG formats
  • iconExtra Revision will cost 150 INR

3D Logo Designing

4000 INR

  • iconCreative 3D logo design
  • iconTime of Delivery: 5 Days
  • iconRevisions: 3 rounds of revisions
  • iconHigh-resolution 3d files
  • iconPNG, JPEG, and SVG formats
  • iconExtra Revision will cost 150 INR

Motion Logo Designing

5500 INR

  • iconDynamic motion logo design
  • iconTime of Delivery: 7 Days
  • iconRevisions: 3 rounds of revisions
  • iconHigh-resolution video files
  • iconMP4 and GIF formats
  • iconExtra Revision will cost 150 INR

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Logo Designing Company in Mohali | Solutions


Classic Logo Design

  • Timeless and elegant design concepts
  • Incorporates traditional fonts and emblems
  • Versatile and suitable for a wide range of businesses

Minimalist Logo Design

  • Simplistic and clean design with minimal elements
  • Effective use of negative space
  • Modern and memorable, ideal for contemporary brands

Illustrative Logo Design

  • Features custom illustrations or icons
  • Adds a unique and creative touch to the logo
  • Ideal for businesses looking for a distinctive visual identity

Vintage Logo Design

  • Nostalgic and retro design elements
  • Use of aged color palettes and classic fonts
  • Perfect for brands aiming for a timeless, vintage feel

Mascot Logo Design

  • Incorporates a character or mascot as the focal point
  • Creates a friendly and approachable brand image
  • Commonly used in sports, food, and children-related businesses

Abstract Logo Design

  • Utilizes abstract shapes, lines, and patterns
  • Represents creativity and uniqueness
  • Ideal for businesses looking to convey innovation and imagination

Logo Solutions to Different Types of Businesses


Tech and Software Logo Design

  • High-tech, modern, and minimalist designs
  • Incorporation of circuitry, binary code, or software symbols
  • Cool color schemes with shades of blue, gray, or green

Healthcare and Medical Logo Design

  • Clean and professional aesthetics
  • Use of medical symbols like the caduceus or stethoscope
  • Soothing colors like blue, green, or white for a sense of trust



Food and Restaurant Logo Design

  • Appetizing and inviting designs
  • Integration of food icons like forks, spoons, or chef hats
  • Warm and vibrant color palettes

Features of a GoodLogo Design Company in Mohali

Choosing a goodLogo Design Company in Mohali is paramount for your online success. With numerous options available, it’s crucial to select a trustedLogo Design Company in Mohali . Look for a Logo Design Company in Mohali that offers creative design, better resolution, and a solid design statement. Quality Logo design is the cornerstone of a strong online presence.

Leciel Technologies is a #1Logo Design Company in Mohali which you can choose to get reliable services. Some of them include:

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