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7 Green Web Hosting Providers

The term Green Web Hosting talks about an eco–friendly method taken up by some web hosting providers to reduce the carbon dioxide ( Co2) effects on the environment. It is done by buying Renewable Energy Credits ( REC‘s) / Renewable Energy Certificates ( REC’s), making use of Carbon Offsetting Programs or VER’s; as well as partnering with environmental conservation foundations and programs.

The Internet has become almost essential in today’s generation to many people in the Social, Economic, Technological, and Political world. There is a saying that “knowledge is the key to success”; and in this situation if you have relevant knowledge and information, it will help you remain updated on all the effective changes that can impact us in daily life.

Hence, web providers provide this significant information on multiple servers, enclosed in data centers, and are kept running all through, developing in high energy consumption and heat production.

Large cooling equipment is used to control the heat, which releases high levels of carbon dioxide (Co2) that is damaging to the surroundings. When there is high energy demand, more Co2 is released when fossil fuel sources are utilized.

That is why many web hosting companies have chosen to go for a ‘Go Green’ approach by starting with various Carbon Neutral Programs such as carbon offset and use of renewable energy sources that include the sun, water, wind as other sources.

With the rise of sensitization on environmental protection, consumers are slowly moving towards using greener web hosting companies that will not harm the environment.

Following are listed below some of the top 7 green Green Web Hosting Companies:

  • Dream Host

Dream Host was established in 1996; the company has made its name among one of the best web hosting providers to date. Their data centers and offices are well supplied with LEED Platinum and Energy – Star certified facilities. The lighting systems are LED, low mercury, and CFL, facilitated with a holding sensor so that less energy is wasted when not utilized. Dream Host can keep the energy demand low throughout the year because it is motorized by renewable energy from the wind and municipal and retrieved water.

Dream Host - Green Web Hosting

  • Green Geeks

Since its beginning, the company affirms to be the best number 1 green energy web hosting provider. It is committed wholly to green causes; the company is linked with environmental foundations like the Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

Green Geeks infuses its renewable energy three times for every voltage pulled from their grid. As a result, it provides a carbon-neutral effect as well as it also eventually decreases carbon print. They are also an EPA Green Power Partner. The company’s program is created for maximum energy-saving capability.

  • A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is another provider that doesn’t brag about its green certificate. Until and unless you are not habituated to browsing web host ‘About’ pages, you will know nothing about A2’s green-friendly features.

You may be surprised, but in reality, A2 Hosting has more to brag about than any other provider. It begins with a energy offset scheme, which has granted the company productively carbon-neutral since 2007. It is not all about purchasing energy from wind farms: also works on reforestation and boosting energy efficiency in many other areas.

A2 Hosting

Its highlights range from buying energy from wind farms to using disposable office coffee mugs in place of ceramic and motivating employees to telecommute on cycle to work day, as much as possible.

When you think of its environmental outlook, A2 Hosting’s plans have a lot of interest. Because the company’s main objective is to deliver power and functionality, that is why prices are a bit higher than others. WordPress customers can use its free A2 Optimized plugin to tighten the WordPress login page’s security and automatically keep the core WordPress code up-to-date.

  • I Page

The I Page has been regarded as the best and cheapest green web hosting provider to date, mainly with its promotional prices. It employs a facility that is powered by wind energy.

Every KWH(kilowatt-hour) of energy that I Page uses, the company buys Renewable Energy Certificates to balance that amount with wind energy by 200%. IPage outshined most claimed carbon-neutral providers by balancing twice its energy usage.

When you buy their service and use them as your web host, you will achieve a green symbol for your website that will say it’s hosted by 100% wind energy. This strategy will help you attract clients and consumers who have strong environmental protection views and values to share interests and feel considered.

  • HostGator

HostGator is a full-service web hosting provider with plans for almost any need. If you are starting and require a very basic shared site, or need to be able to function your machine committed solely to your company, HostGator can provide you with a service that can help.

HostGator lets more advanced site builders customize their dedicated or virtual server. It also allows users to select Linux or Windows hosting. While HostGator doesn’t support SSDs (solid state drive) on all plans, many servers can be provided with the faster drives. You’ll also get a free SSL certificate on all plans so your website is safe and data is encrypted, making it suitable for e-commerce sites


  • Host Papa

Host Papa was one of the first hosting providers to perform going green. It makes real promises.

The company claims that it purchases ‘green energy tags’ or certificates from a certified green energy supplier. That supplier estimates the total energy consumed and uses their green energy suppliers to pump in 100% equivalent energy back into the power grid.

  • In Motion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is one of the few hosts that has changed its data center structure to lower its environmental effect. It provides great security with hack protection and a free SSL(secure socket layer) on all plans. InMotion’s WordPress hosting plans are fully managed and include the BoldGrid website builder. It is a website builder that sits on top of WordPress, which will make it easier to create your first site without learning more about how WordPress works. InMotion Hosting also offers VPS hosting and dedicated servers.

In Motion Hosting

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