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Decrease Bounce Rate and Increase User Engagement on Your Website

Bounce rate is one of the most important parameters that affects the performance of your website.  A bounce occurs when a user lands on your page but makes an exit from  it without any further browsing or engagement. So, bounce rate is the percentage of single page visits to your website and will let you know how many visitors left your website as compared to the total number of users visited your website.

A very high bounce rate shows poor performance and relevancy of your website due to poor user experience or anything that  makes the  users leave your site too early. It decreases the conversion rates due to less user engagement.

Here are 9 ways to decrease your bounce rate and increase user engagement  for your website:

Be Relevant

Bounce rate depends upon the traffic on the entrance page as well as the source of traffic. Users originating from organic search may not be familiar with your brand or business as compared to people who follow your band. For this, your website’s landing page needs to be relevant for them and should provide complete information that the users are looking for according to their organic searches. Also, focusing more on addressing their queries will keep the audience engaged to your website.

Increase Your Page Loading Time

This is also one of the major factors that affects the bounce rate and increases the user engagement on your web page. Bounce rate relatively decreases with increase in page loading  time. Visitors stay on the page and are more likely to view more pages if it loads faster and would relatively leave it when they find the loading speed is low. Fast page loading time will genuinely help you get a valuable visitor who may turn into your loyal customer.

Increase Your Page Loading Time - Bounce rate

Adding  Images or Videos

Eye catchy visual effects can attract more people compared to just a long content without any kind of images. Your relevant content with proper images and videos will keep them engaged and relatively decrease the bounce rate.

Avoid Any Kind Of Ads

Sites full of unnecessary ads will make you lose your visitors as an ad-heavy site can decrease their trust. Ads or pop up ads can slow down your page loading speed and lead to a terrible user experience.

Focus on Internal linking

Internal links within your content or blogs is one of the best ways to keep the audience engaged to your website. This gives a power reference to your content  and makes it easy for the reader to learn more  about the topic and stay on your page.

Internal linking also gives you an opportunity to reference other web pages of your website within your own content and provide complete information to the user clearly. It will automatically keep them on your website which will lower your bounce rate.

Calls To Action

Call to action is also an essential step to make the visitors sign up for any purchase, newsletter or product.  This will ensure that the visitors have got what they were looking for. Basically, your site users stay up on a website that is effortless in browsing and provide everything they are looking for.    Call-to-action is an excellent way to lead your visitors from one web page to the other one.

Mobile Optimization Is Necessary

High bounce rate occurs usually when your website is not properly optimized for various devices like mobiles, laptops, desktops etc. It should be optimized for every device as some people prefer a desktop some might prefer using mobile phones for browsing. Visitors would leave your website if it is not working properly on their device and they are unable to get an excellent experience on it. This will increase the bounce rate and lower user engagement.

With effective mobile optimization tools, you can improve the areas of the mobile experience by increasing the mobile page speed.

Mobile Optimization

Create Easy Search and Navigation

When the user visits your page, he might not get what he is searching for. This will make him leave the site and visit another one leading to an increase in the bounce rate. To avoid this, you need to make sure that your website’s browsing and navigation is quite smooth,  logical and streamlined that effectively guides the user according to his search query. Your website content should consist of relevant and highly searched keywords that people type on search engines.  This will help them get everything on your website leading to increased user interaction and lower bounce rate.

Improving The Readability Of Your Content

Readability of your content is also an important factor that is neglected by most website owners. It highly  affects your site’s visual appearance,  the user engagement and bounce rate. This includes the format in which you write your content and present it to the audience. Organize your content with proper bullet points, numbers, headings and subheadings so that it looks good to the users and they enjoy reading it. Make sure that the text is easily readable on all devices and should not be too small to read. This will make the users zoom it every time leading to their inconvenience. Use font size according to the device screen.

Improve Content Readability

Also, you need to take care whether the text on your website is looking beautiful or not. The sentences should not be long and not in passive voice consistently. There should be enough line spacing, padding, and margin spacing  so that the whole content looks clean and easy to read.  Taking care of all these factors will effectively increase the user engagement and lowering the bounce rate for your website.

These were simple ways that could easily help you decrease your bounce rate, increase user traffic, interaction and conversion rates for your websites. For more information, you call us now at (+91)9355088080 and our experts will help you out and solve all our queries.

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