Steps to drive more traffic to E-commerce Store

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May 20, 2020
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Drive More Traffic to E-commerce Store

With the use of the internet, more people are shifting to online shopping than ever before. E-commerce site owners need to focus on the traffic on their websites so as to get good conversion rates! But the most common question that they have in mind is “How do I drive more traffic to my E-commerce store?” This thought crosses the mind of every new or experienced business owner nowadays.

Getting traffic is a crucial part of getting good customers to your e-commerce store that would ultimately lead to excellent business leads.  You also need to keep a check that you are getting the right traffic. This means from the particular audience that is interested in your niche which would help you get the right sale. 

customers Through Social Media on E-commerce Store

Here are some Specific Steps That Would Help you Drive More Traffic To your E-commerce Store!

Social Media

Social media platforms that include facebook, instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc are the largest platforms filled with opportunities to reach out potential customers and drive them to your store. It helps you know the interest of your audience based on their age group and specific activities on those platforms.

Facebook Dynamic Ads are automatically-generated ads that are shown to customers who have previously visited your website. These ads usually feature the products that these customers have already looked on to your site or have them in their carts. These Ads are highly powerful and can help you bring  back some of your most useful customers. 

Instagram is the second most popular platform nowadays that usually has a younger audience. This platform has expanded its tools for business owners and has become one of the best platforms to generate  traffic on your ecommerce store.

Running Paid Ads!

You are required to bring your online business in front of your ideal customers if you want to grow it exponentially.  WIth the help of running paid ads, you can create campaigns that can be used to target your ideal customers. These campaigns can help to increase your click through rate. 

Paid advertising

Here are some of the platforms where you can run paid ads:

1. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising

Majority of the traffic on ecommerce websites comes from Google Adwords. So, it becomes important to perform your SEO and PPC accordingly so as to get good results. Keyword research and planning tools are required to find the keywords that are highly used and that have high traffic. This includes long tail keywords which have high chances to get more traffic and high conversion rates! 

The whole procedure starts with a well-defined goal for your business which helps you achieve your results. For this, first you need to know where the existing traffic is coming from. Then all the platforms can be optimized accordingly for your visitors  and search engines.

2. Facebook  Ads

Running facebook Ad campaigns are another way of attracting the best audience towards your Ecommerce business. These ads help you understand who your customers are and what they are looking for. By knowing the type of customers and their interests, you can find out the particular set of audience that is looking out for your niche or are interested in it.  This can ultimately help you with your services according to their needs. By creating an effective Facebook Ad campaign with  an excellent strategy and goal, you can get a large amount of traffic to your ecommerce store and achieve good business results.

Use SEO Techniques For E-commerce Store

Search Engine Optimization can help your customers actually find your store online on search engines. This is the reason why it is highly important to have good good SEO strategies and techniques applied that help your customers discover you online.Obviously, you would want your online store and its products to be visible on top results for your customers when they search it.

Search Engine Optimization is a technique which helps your ecommerce website to increase its chances of ranking on top results for specific keywords.

Use good SEO strategies

 Influencer Marketing

Building relationships with various influencers to get your online store in front of new audiences is known as influencer marketing. Influencers help different online businesses to meet their goals and hence increase their brand identity and conversion rates. This is one of the best methods to drive in traffic to your online business.  Influencers can easily promote new products and get your particular audience to your site.

Products that are marketed by relevant influencers can drive more attention as compared to others. They help you reach out to a bigger audience and thus build trust for your brand among them. With influencer marketing, you can grow your social following easily and make your brand reliable, drive more traffic and thus more leads or conversion rates!

Improve Your Site Speed

Site speed plays an important role in keeping your audience on your website. Make sure you have a good site speed so that the customers do not leave it. A low site speed can  decrease your traffic and conversion rates as it leaves a poor impact on the audience. Having good site speed will keep them engaged in your content and thus increase your traffic. Make sure you have properly optimized it for mobile shoppers to help them get a good shopping experience and an excellent user experience as well!

Improve Your Site Speed

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the best way to attract and capture new customers to your ecommerce store. You can easily do this by creating interesting,quality, informative, and engaging content. Audiences will get attracted if you provide relevant and interesting information about your products. Keeping them engaged on your site is the one of the most important factors involved to get traffic.

By getting all the required information on your particular website, they will never open any other site and this will keep your traffic consistent. Content marketing helps your online store to conquer the top search results. 

More Traffic Means More Customers to E-commerce Store !

These were some of the tactics to get more traffic to your Ecommerce store! More traffic can automatically convert regular audiences into paying customers. Therefore, more traffic means more customers which leads to good conversion rates, brand identity and thus high ROI.

If you have an E-commerce store and are looking for various ways to get more traffic on it, you can use these strategies that will provide you the desired results. 

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