What Are The Main Purposes Of A Business Plan?

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December 30, 2020
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The purposes of business plan are based on entrepreneur mind set. Being an entrepreneur requires different qualities such as confidence, integrity, self-discipline, decisiveness, and action-oriented. Running a business and taking it to the next level is not the job of a weak-hearted person. 

Entrepreneurship is a risky job, but if you know the strategy and how to run it, it will give you a hundredfold benefit. 

According to National Business Capital & Services, the information companies had faced the highest failure rate and that is 63%, followed by manufacturing (51%), services (45%), and education, health, and agriculture by 44%. 

There are several reasons behind their failure such as funding issues, no proper business strategy, and didn’t pay attention to the variables that make a business fail. 

One needs to take it seriously because lenders and investors nowadays are holding their wallet strings tightly. They are investing only in those businesses that have a solid background or an impressive business strategy.

Thus, the best solution is to create an innovative and realistic business plan that identifies opportunities as well as obstacles in your success path. This is critical if you first devote much time and money to your business and then revisiting back to save it from the obstacles. 

Startup owners and newly established business owners need to understand what can take their business towards success and what can lead to failure. Further, they should know the ways to handle and manage such obstacles. 

What Exactly Is A Business Plan? 

A business plan is a structured and formal document comprising essential information related to the enterprise. It contains details about the business such as a business opportunity or a business already started is identified, analyzed, and described by examining factors like technical, financial, and economical feasibility. 

This is also known as an indispensable tool that helps in establishing a business project independent of the size of the project and the experience of the entrepreneur. 

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This business guide answers various questions about the business like who, when, how, where, what it markets, etc. 

Why Create A Business Plan?

There are various reasons for creating a business plan and these are as below:

  • It provides a global analysis of the business.
  • It encourages us to analyze whether the business is feasible or not.
  • It encourages us to make a strategic reflection on the business.
  • It helps in managing the business. 
  • It will serve as a business card in the market and introduces the company. 

What is the content of a Business Plan? 

A business guide includes five main sections that answer the queries of third-party about your organization. Let’s us discuss one by one:

  1. Analysis of Current Situation

This section includes information about the company, its competitors, and the market. Here, it covers answers to questions as:

  • What is the business name, location, size, its goods or services, etc.? 
  • How is the position of the business in the market?
  • Are the services or goods that the enterprise is selling are in demand? 
  • Who are the potential competitors in the market?
  • How is our business different from others?
  • What are the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities of the company?
  1. Business Objectives

Here it identifies and defines what the business wants to achieve, where it wants to go in the future. It answers questions like:

  • Main goals of the business?
  • Why have you invested in this specific business?
  • What goods and services are you providing? What marketing strategies are you using to increase your sales?
  • What are your perspectives on the evolution of the business? 
  •  How will you reach your target audience? 
  • How many sales do you want to achieve in a year? 
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  1. Strategic/Marketing Plan

This part will describe how you want to achieve your business objectives and answers questions such as:

  • What is the mission and vision of the company? 
  • How many human resources do you need to achieve your goals?
  • What are your specific action-plans to achieve long-term objectives? 
  • What is your marketing plan and you will execute it?
  • How have you structured your marketing policy? What will be the price, location, product, and promotional strategies? 
  • Will you promote your business traditionally or digitally? How will you connect with your customers? 
  • How will you make your business a brand- Will you hire a digital marketing agency or do it by yourself?
  1. Financial Plans

Well, the backbone of any business is its financial plan. This plan needs to be strong in order to run the business for the long term. This section will include details about aspects such as expenditure, budget, profit, and loss, balance sheet, cash flow, etc. Its sole purpose is to analyze the profitability & economical feasibility of the business. This will ultimately help the entrepreneur to make effective decisions and define strategy clearly. 

What Are The Purposes of A Business Plan? 

As mentioned earlier, identifying, analyzing, and describing a business opportunity or a startup by assessing its financial, technical, and economical feasibility are main purposes of a business plan. This serves two other purposes and that are categorized as internal and external purposes. 

Internal Purpose

Internally, entrepreneurs develop business plans to help them keep the things of the business together. The business plan is a road map that shows the development path to the business because:

  • It defines the vision for the company
  • It establishes company strategy
  • It describes how the strategy will be implemented
  • It provides a framework for the analysis of major problems
  • It provides a plan for business growth
  • It is a measurement and control device for business operations
  • It helps business owners to be realistic and put principles to the test

External Purpose

The external purpose of the business plan is to raise capital from other sources. It will help the third party to understand the present status, and the need for resources such as finances, personnel, etc. The business plan will help you know your audience, reach out to them, and convert them into customers. This will ultimately help you increase your conversion rate.

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Thus, it is crucial to have a business plan before starting a business project. If you are an entrepreneur and want to take your business to the next level, you should consult LeCiel Technologies.

Remember that business growth is a never-ending journey that requires full dedication and contribution from all possible sources.

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