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June 7, 2021
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10 Tips to improve call cost in Google Ads | Optimize CPC – People specifically businessmen, look for the ways by which they can drive more calls to their business. This can be done by optimizing the performance of your call ads. Once you start implementing your call ads and start measuring them the right way you can look forward to improving their performance. You can make use of all the performance data that is available to you to optimize the impact of your call ads. Look and find out which targeting is effective and then get more of it. You will be required to understand the different kinds of conversions your Google ads campaigns and keywords are driving. 

If you happen to run call extensions or call ads with the “visit website” link you will be driving calls along with the other conversion types. It is important for you to understand which conversions your different keywords and campaigns are driving. The trend that you follow for the different conversions will impact and influence your strategy. Call heavy campaigns and keywords might get an advantage from different bidding and ad copy. You must be thinking about the ways that you can opt, in order to succeed with Google call-only campaigns.


call-only google ads


Research studies depict that there are around 162 billion people that will happen to call your business by the upcoming year. Since the mobile has been opted by the mass population, thus this has opened the gates of massive phone calls. In response to this, Google has been making sure that the advertisers are well-equipped to take the advantages. First and foremost they add call extensions, and then call tracking from the landing page and most recently call-only campaigns. 

Call-only campaigns make tracking and driving the calls quite simple but it takes a while for a person to get used to the same. You cannot get rid of your conventional PPC technique onto the call campaigns and wait for it to work for you. Here are some strategies that you can use in order to get the maximum out of your call-only ads and campaigns. 

Let see 10 Tips to improve call cost in Google Ads | CPC optimization:

  • Make use of the URL

This call-only campaign has minimal work as compared to the conventional PPC ads. Here, you do not have a headline or a landing page. Therefore, this makes the URL the most important thing. If you try to add a CTA or keyword to the end of your display URL it will be a great strategy. You can make use of these 35 characters to reinforce your message. 


use of url in google ads


  • Make sure that you test your copy

The ad copy on your call-only campaign should be highly targeted and also should be concise. You will be having the choice of 35 characters, so make sure that with the help of two lines you are able to add the CTA, which will encourage the people to call you. With the click ads, it is considered a good idea to include the keyword in the copy of your ad. By this time you should be able to figure out where your money is being wasted in the ad campaigns. You can run the free Google ads performance grader and get an instant audit report.


  • You can start by bidding high 

If you are planning to launch a new call-only campaign you can start by bidding high, as it is considered the best idea to bid high when launching a new campaign. There are chances that you might lose money at first, but eventually, you will be able to gain valuable data that you will be able to pay off when you will be optimizing. Also, when you come to AdWords, it is considered hard to dig yourself out of the hole so you want to make sure that you are able to secure the top position right off the bat.


Target CPA


  • Make sure that you target call-centric keywords

Make sure that you are targeting the keywords that happen to appeal to the segment of your audience with the highest likelihood of calling. The keywords could be location-based for the customers looking forward to visiting your business or else you could make use of the keywords that help the customers to purchase the product or service that you are offering.  You might have noticed that people prefer to have a conversation while making a purchase of certain products or services. You need to remember that a call-only campaign does not let people click through your website so you will have to make sure that your keywords have the tendency to target people with high intent who are looking for quick answers and are looking for immediate action without conducting diligent research.


call centric keywords


  • Make sure that you schedule your ads in a strategic way

No business wants to drive the phone calls to voicemails or unmanned call centers. You can make use of a manual bidding CPC strategy so that you are able to limit your call-only campaign to specifically run during business hours. You can have a look at the peak time calls, and days so that you can note the same down so as to take advantage of the trends in the behavior and preferences of the consumers, and thus you can adjust your bids to ensure that your ads appear in those peak times to the customers. 


call schedule


  • Make sure that you make use of location targeting

You need to understand the importance of location targeting and how important it is for you. If you are a local business then this is the key for you and plays an important aspect in increasing your customers. Make sure that you are making use of a local phone number and the calls are automatically routed to your nearest branch or to the store to the caller’s location. You might notice that some of the geographic areas refer to high-quality calls and more callers than the others so it might be considered worthy to increase your bids for people in that area. 


  • Make sure that you calculate your call through rate

You need to understand and remember that not all clicks lead to phone calls, but you are paying for the clicks. When someone happens to click a call-only ad, an auto dialer will appear on their screen instantly, which they might click to make the calls. Make sure that you figure out how many clicks actually result in phone calls. Knowing this you will be able to optimize your bids based on your calls versus the clicks. 

If there is a large disparity or difference between clicks and calls, it could mean that your audience does not want to call, and maybe you will have to rethink your ad copy or the strategy of your keyword. 

Remember that if you are using Google’s forwarding numbers you can add a phone through rate i.e. PTR column through your rating. It will show you how many times your number is called as a percentage of your total impressions. 


  • Make sure that you measure the quality of your call

Counting the calls is not the only thing or is not considered enough when you are trying to optimize your bidding, measure your performance, or calculate your ROI. Make sure that you look at which calls are converting and actually turning into customers. You can do this with ease by making use of a call intelligent solution that will help you track the outcome of a phone call. 

If you are making use of basic call tracking methods or using call tracking from Google or a third party then you can have a look at the call tracking metrics, for instance, you can have a look at the call duration and understand the call quality in a better way. 

Once you are able to understand the quality of the call, you can begin to optimize your bids to increase the quality traffic instead of just the volume. If you do not happen to measure the quality of the call, then there are chances that you might be driving negative ROI by referring to the calls that waste the time of your sales agent. 


measure quality of call

  • Make sure that you do not forget the caller experience

If there are calls flooding in like anything, then the job is well done! Well, now it is the time to get the most out of each and every one of those calls. Make sure that you do not lose your potential customers with a long or confusing menu. Make sure that the calls are automatically directed to the right location or to the right sales agent who can give you the best help. 

If you have the tendency and the capability to make sure that the calls are automatically directed to the right location or the right sales agent you will be getting better results. 


  •  Make sure that you retarget the unconverted calls

With the help of retargeting campaigns and retargeting lists for the search ads, you can empower and retarget your audience more effectively because your messaging and overall strategy are based on their online and offline engagement history. If you are aware of a phone call that did not answer you or respond to you, you can hit them with a retargeting ad. 

So these are the 10 strategies that you can use in order to improve all costs in Google ads. The better the results of the calls that you get, the less cost you will be spending and the more you will be able to save. 

retarget the unconverted calls


If you are certain about improving the calls in the Google ads you can also seek help from LeCiel Technologies. This firm is known to provide the google ads consultants when it comes to converting the clients and the customers into leads with the help of improving the calls in your budget. For more information, you can mail us at info@lecieltechnolgies.com and clear all your doubts and queries regarding the same. 

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