How Can I Rank My Business Higher On Google Maps?

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How Can I Rank My Business Higher On Google Maps

Are you a small local business looking for more footfall to your shop? Are you trying to increase your online presence? Fret not! We are here to guide you through the process of ranking your business higher on Google Maps. By the end of this blog you’ll know the ways through which you can drive more people to your location. 

Google Maps has taken the Online Marketing world by surprise. There’s hardly any business out there which isn’t there on it. Who wouldn’t want to exploit the benefits of this extraordinary app by Google? In these times of home deliveries, not many people choose to step out of their homes and visit the local shops. The only honest chance for the local business owners is the times when these people use Google to see their choice of product or service near to their location. It is at times like these you need your name at number one position on Google Maps. 

Add your business on Google

Add your business on Google using Google My Business

For any business to flourish it is important to be found by the prospective buyers. So if you want your business name to be found on Google Maps, you must verify your listing. It is very simple to achieve. You just have to claim the listing if it doesn’t appear in the maps in the first place. You must update your information. For this use Google My Business account and put in all the necessary information accurately. It will help Google display A to Z info about your business. When we say full information we mean details like phone number, exact address, opening hours, details about your business, images, reviews and ratings, website etc. If any of these things needs updating, it must be done immediately. Always provide a local number instead of a toll free number. Expand the keyword categories to optimize your listing.  

Get your listing verified on GMB (Google Maps Business)

This can take a couple of weeks. For this, Google will send a postcard to your business address with a unique Postal Index Number to verify the address you mention on the Google Maps for your business. This is a crucial step of getting your business address cross-checked by Google. It gives a boost to your ranking as now you have a Google verified address.

Get as many reviews to your business as possible

Google gets to know about the genuinity of your business through the reviews you get from your satisfied customers. It is very important to get reviewed by your customers as Google uses them to rank you higher on the Google Maps as well. A very important point to note here is to keep these reviews genuine. Don’t add fake reviews. A sudden jump in the reviews will not do any good to your listing. Also, engage with your customer through these reviews. Reply to these reviews considerately.   

reviews to your business profile

Add more categories relevant to your business module

Apart from adding just the primary category to your business, try including other relevant categories that run parallel to your business. By doing this your name will be reflected in Google Maps even if a person types in something that falls slightly out of the gambit of your service. Here, your introduction matters a lot. Try explaining about your product or service in a crisp manner to win over the attention of the user. 

Select your niche and build citations

There are lots of citation building websites over the world wide web. You have to select the niche of our business and find the relevant business listing websites. All you have to do is to start listing your business to these niche related sites. It will help by ranking your business at the top of the local pack and amplifying your online presence. This increases your local Business visibility and strengthens your reputation. It will further help you to attract new customers, increase brand awareness and engagement.

relevant business listing

Detailed information can be submitted to these websites to make a Citation Flow across google search engine. 

Use local Schema markup

It is also known as structured data markup. You need to create a local business schema for your google business listing for which you can take the help of the experts. It can be created with the help of A well designed schema for a business helps in improving the visibility of your business. it helps customers to find more descriptive and informative results from Google. The Schema markup helps visitors find a specific product or service according to their requirements. Every SEO expert knows how to create it and how to crawl it to your website.

Add Google Maps to your website

It is always convenient for the customers to get hold on to your address via your website. Whenever a customer visits your website to know about your product or service it is good to let him know about your location as well, for just in case he wants to find you. 

add google map to website

Use Google Map Ad feature to maximize your presence

Recently Google came up with this amazing ad feature for its maps. There are four major ad features vis-a-vis  Promoted Pins, customizable business pages, in-store promotions, and local inventory search function. With this, businesses can rank higher on the result pages of Google maps and drive more traffic for themselves. 

Optimize the mobile version of your website

More and more people are shifting to Android or iOS based mobile phone searches. To ensure you reach out to all these people, you must have a mobile friendly website. The speed of the website also matters. So the response time of your website matters a lot. Make sure your website loads quickly on the phone. Your contact information should be visible on the first page itself with an added feature of click to call. 

Get yourself active on Social Media

Google collects information about a business from all possible sources. You need to expose yourself on all social media platforms. You can run ad campaigns on social media to get more traffic to your site. Your Google ranking also gets better through your website’s likes and shares. More people talking about you on social media results in higher ranking for your business.     

active on Social Media

We at LeCiel Technologies Pvt Ltd, can help you rank your business higher on Google Maps. Partner with us for all your online marketing and digital media presence needs. 

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