How Do I Get My Business on Google for Free?

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May 24, 2021
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We live in a digital age and the power of the internet cannot be denied. It is because of the internet that businesses and services are no more limited to particular geographical spheres but have vast spread outreach. 

Every business today wants to have an online presence. Creating a website alone is not sufficient to get it on Google and to be found over the internet for free. As they say, everything and anything can be found on Google. Why not your business too?

But getting your business on Google can be tricky. The good news is that it can be done and that too for free. 

Strategy To Get Your Business On Google For Free

For your help, the following strategies are suggested: 

  • Increasing Organic Search with SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a technique through which the organic traffic to your business website can be increased. Traffic through organic search means the number of internet users who discover and visit your website through search results on a search engine. Google, specifically, uses crawlers to crawl the data of a website and accesses its reliability, relevance, and user experience. Based on these, websites are ranked and appear in search results.

How it Helps: By using the most relevant keywords to define your website and focusing on the overall user experience, its visibility can be increased. SEO can help your business website to appear in the top results for a keyword relevant to your business. For this, URL, meta description, title tags, etc. need to be optimized to best define the services & products offered and the purpose of the business. 

google organic result

  • Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is one of the many free services provided by Google. Google My Business account allows Google to analyze and show your business in local results when searched for related businesses or the area you are operating in. It can be easily created through a Google account and by filling out complete & thorough business information, including the location where it operates.

How it Helps: Through GMB, the chances of your business appearing in local search results increase manifold. It helps Google to extract information like business location, working hours, products and services offered, official website link, etc. about your business and rank for organic results also.

  • Internal and External Linking

Internal linking means linking one web page on your website with its other web pages. It can be done by mentioning the links or redirecting towards other web pages that may be relevant and related to the current web page. 

External linking is when other websites mention links back to your website and attest for relatability and credibility. While ranking a website for search results, Google also considers such link building to determine the relevance of a business.

How it Helps: Through internal and external linking, it becomes easy for Google crawlers to crawl through and read the data of your website, which results in better ranking. Also, external linking can be a testimony to your genuineness and authenticity.

  • Online Directories

These are proclaimed websites that keep industry-specific directories of businesses. These websites have high organic search volumes and authenticate the genuineness of the listed businesses. Trip Advisor, Yelp, Yellowpages, Angie’s List, MapQuest, City Search, etc. are such websites, to name a few.

How it Helps: Online directories are among the top results when it comes to Google search results. It increases a business’ visibility, free of cost. A detailed description and location of the business can further leverage the local search volume.

businesses directories

  • Google Maps Listing

Google Maps helps in the discovery of a business specific to a geographical area. By adding the business profile to Google maps, location-specific results can be optimized to attract the audience to your business website. Google Maps includes a variety of information like the reviews of the business, working hours, location, prime products, and services, etc. It is also linked with Google My Business and various online business directories. 

How it Helps: A well prepared Google Maps description with complete information can do wonders. Google Maps enables you to get free Google Advertisement. Local visibility of the business is boosted and that also, for free.

google maps

  • Interact on Reviews and answer FAQs

Another way of getting your business on Google for free is to encourage reviews on your business accounts on online directories and portals like Google Maps. Both, positive and negative reviews should be welcomed with equal openness and continuously interacted with. Also, Google majorly runs on the concept of Problem Solving. So, answering frequently asked questions relating to your business or industry and solving audiences’ problems is favorable.

How it Helps: The whole interface of Google is based on improving user experience and review building & FAQ answering contributes significantly to it. It helps to improve ranking with Google and visibility on the website. Feedbacks can be helpful to improve user experience. Engagements also help the Google crawlers to discover and authenticate the business website with ease.

goole reveiws

  • Mobile Compatibility and User Experience

Mobile compatibility of the business website is very important. Meaning that it must be properly accessible on mobile devices, as 50% of the internet users actively operate from them. The conclusive interface of the website should be user friendly. Improvement of user experience plays an imperative role in Google ranking. It includes other aspects like the relevance of content, page load time, language, bounce rate, etc.

How it Helps: Improved interface and user experience consequently give a huge surge to Google ranking for free and visibility of the website. Mobile compatibility helps for the website to be accessible to mobile users also.

Key Learnings

Over the years, Google has extraordinarily succeeded in becoming the most used and trusted search engine of all time. The technology and algorithms it uses are over the top and can help any business to catch speed. Fortunately,  it can be used for free and with reasonable creativity. your Whether it is increasing search volume through Search Engine Optimisation, a Google My Business account, or through presence on online directories, businesses can benefit immensely through Google’s interface.

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