How to create a video website like youtube
How to Create a Website like YouTube | Time, Cost & Process
December 29, 2022
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How to Create a Video Streaming Website Like Youtube | Cost
January 5, 2023
how to create a website like amazon | online shopping websites like amazon | amazon like websites

How to create a website like amazon – Amazon’s technology stack

The proper technology stack on how to create a website like amazon process must first be selected. The performance of the platform, the speed of web page responses, and the stability of the websites are what distinguish different programming tools. All these elements have an impact on how visitors use your website, influencing whether they stay longer or leave.

Selecting the right technology stack can be difficult, but it’s necessary if you want to learn how to create a  website like Amazon. However, creating multi-vendor marketplace websites like Amazon can help you save both time and money while making a significant contribution to the success of your platform.


The technologies that are used are typically separated into two categories: client-side

 technologies and server-side technologies. At Codica, we advise that you consider the following tech stack:

The front-end or client-side technologies

  • The content of a web page is display by a browser using HTML and CSS, two markup languages.
  • Customers can interact with your e-commerce platform using JavaScript (JS), and we use the most cutting-edge technologies like React.js for this.

The back-end or server-side technologies

  • The fundamental logic of your marketplace is constructed using a programming language and framework. We use Ruby and Ruby on Rails, respectively, at Codica. We construct scalable, quick-loading, and secure online platforms with their assistance. Additionally, we use automation frameworks for testing like RSpec and Capybara.
  • The necessary data about your marketplace website like Amazon is store in a database. We choose Redis, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and PostgreSQL (SQL data storage) because they support the development of dependable platforms.
  • Customers’ devices make requests to a server, which processes them. Because Nginx and Puma work so well with Ruby on Rails, we use them when creating online marketplaces.


Key characteristics for an online store like Amazon

Everything that visitors use on your website to accomplish their objectives and meet specific needs is referred to as “marketplace functionality.” Although a website like Amazon is a sizable marketplace platform with numerous features, not all of them must be use right away.

how to create a website like amazon | amazon like websites | online shopping websites like amazon

When figuring out how to create a website similar to Amazon, what features should you take into account? 

All the necessary data, regarding both suppliers and buyers, is contained in profiles. The vendor panel contains specific information, such as a seller’s shipping and payment options, product listings, etc.


The main features of a buyer’s account are personal data, the ability to see past orders, and wishlists.

Each and every business owner requires the administrator panel. It enables the owner of an e-commerce platform to individually customize settings for various supplier groups, demonstrating how to create an ecommerce website like Amazon.  These options cover fees, shipping options, and payment methods. Additionally, the administrator has control over categories, filters, and listings for sellers.

Any marketplace with multiple vendors needs to have advance search because it makes navigation simpler and faster.


Customers should be able to find detailed information about each item on the product page.

 High-quality photos and videos, detailed descriptions make your platform look reliable.

The products are kept in a marketplace with multiple vendors. how to create a website  like Amazon‘s with a shopping cart. In this area, a customer can alter the quantity of goods they wish to purchase, get rid of them, view payment options, see shipping costs, etc.

Thanks to payment methods, customers can make purchases using a variety of cards and gateways. Your customers will have the option to select the payment method that best suits them if you offer a wide range of payment options.

On marketplaces with multiple vendors, ratings and reviews assist customers in making thoughtful purchases. Additionally, by giving users ratings for both vendors and products, this key feature of Amazon increases the credibility of your website.

Wishlists are an effective marketing tactic because they enable customers to save items they’re likely to purchase. Customers who refer their friends and family to your online marketplace by sharing their wishlists drive free traffic there. So give vendors the freedom to develop new opportunities to increase platform engagement.


Both buyers and sellers can access a specific web page as soon as possible thanks to notifications.

 It works quite simply: when you receive a notification, you click it to go to a specific page. In doing so, it greatly improves the user experience and speeds up numerous processes.

Shipping is a crucial feature that enables customers to select the most appropriate and practical delivery option offere by sellers.


Opportunities and challenges for Amazon-like websites



Let’s start by examining the possibilities that a multi-seller marketplace like Amazon can offer:


  • Unlimited scalability

A typical online store will require a lot of resources to fulfill numerous orders each day to how to create an ecommerce website like amazon. A marketplace can easily accommodate many people at once.

Additionally, marketplaces assist in bringing together a sizable number of partner organizations. Markets increase the variety of goods and services they offer as a result. This makes it easier to find new revenue streams and distribution channels.


  • High customer traffic

Marketplace websites employ a variety of techniques to draw visitors to their pages. For instance, they invest a great deal of time and energy in marketing development. Additionally, a variety of products are offer by marketplace platforms.

Personal brand attitude has risen to the top of the list of deciding factors, according to a study by PWC. Marketplaces therefore inspect the quality of products, which affects the level of customer confidence as a whole. Additionally, this enhances customer flow. Additionally, sellers are drawn to the marketplace on Amazon and other markets with comparable opportunities.


  • Flexibility

Selling goods you don’t own makes it simpler to alter and modify the business to suit the needs of the customer.


  • Revenue

The owners of the marketplace have a variety of ways to make money, including charges, commissions, listening, subscriptions, and offering extra services to users. An owner can thus decide which revenue-generating strategy is best for their store.

Most common problems


  • High competitiveness

How to create an ecommerce website like Amazon that competes with Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress is undoubtedly challenging. However, examples of well-known marketplaces show that success will come if you find your niche.


  • The chicken and egg problem

Early on, you might encounter a challenging chicken-and-egg problem when learning how to create a website like Amazon. Obviously, you don’t have sellers and buyers when you launch a marketplace. As a result, you should persuade one of the parties to approach your platform first.

By the way, when Amazon first became a multi-vendor marketplace, it was one of the issues with the website. Before it expanded into a marketplace with a wide selection of goods, Amazon was a prosperous book retailer. By continuing to serve the same customer base as the prior company, the chicken and egg problem was resolved. How to create a website like Amazon Because it has so many customers, Amazon allows other sellers to list their goods on its platform.


  • Poor personalization

In fact, how to create a website like amazon Especially when it comes to personalization, there have been significant changes in how businesses interact with their customers. Today, it’s critical to assist consumers in finding the products they want to buy most quickly.


How to create a website like amazon – UI/UX mistakes

Poor user experience and user interface are additional issues for a marketplace. Therefore, it might be the cause of the lack of interest that buyers and sellers have in the marketplace platform. You should avoid using lengthy text paragraphs and maintain a simple design while using size and contrast to make the text relevant.


How to create a website like amazon – How much does it cost?

When creating online shopping websites like Amazon, we should consider the necessary functionality as well as the fees charged by the software development company. These are the factors that will have the biggest impact on the needed budget. The cost to develop a website similar to Amazon is roughly displayed in the table below.

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