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How to Create a Website Like Amazon | Multi Vender Ecommerce
January 6, 2023
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January 13, 2023
How to Create a Pinterest Like Website with Wordpress | websites like pinterest | pinterest like websites | websites that are like pinterest

How to Create a Pinterest Like Website with WordPress – It is much simpler to create a Pinterest-like website in WordPress because most of Pinterest’s features are available to WordPress users. Websites like Pinterest have dominate the social web and are currently among the most visit websites online. A digital bookmarking tool, Pinterest is primarily focus on social web functions like blogging, liking, and sharing.


The main topic of this article is creating WordPress-based websites with Pinterest-like features.

First and foremost, you should probably encourage users to contribute content if you want to develop a community on your WordPress website. The next step is to set up the information in a visually appealing grid format. In this article, we’ll examine a few themes that present content in a grid similar to Pinterest. Then, we’ll discuss plugins that let readers bookmark content, share it on your blog, and like or favorite a post. Let’s get start!

How to Create a Pinterest Like Website with WordPress | websites like pinterest | pinterest like websites | websites that are like pinterest


Pinterest-inspired WordPress themes 



A fantastic premium WordPress theme is Gridnik. We don’t see any reason why it couldn’t be use to create a community website, even though it was design as a portfolio theme. It has features that are comparable to those on Pinterest. The interface is flawless and looks great on all devices. When it comes to handling photos and videos, letting users like posts, and making it simple for users to share them, Gridnik is excellent.


The following traits of Gridnik: 

  1. similar to Pinterest in its use of a fluid grid to display content.
  2. A WordPress plugin call Wizy Like enables users to favorite or like a message.
  3. It works well with both images and moving pictures.
  4. It uses stunning sliders, animations, and transitions to view content and is power by Jquery and AJAx.
  5. The themes come with an extensive options panel.
  6. It includes a ton of video tutorials and documentation, both of which are easily accessible from the theme options panel.



It’s simple to add Like and share buttons to individual objects using the photo blog theme Photum. It’s easy to use and comes with comprehensive instructions


The following traits apply to photum: 

  1. Photum is a WordPress theme that is HTML5 responsive, so it beautifully adjusts to different screens and devices.
  2. It displays content in a grid similar to Pinterest. 
  3. Like and favorite links are not included by default, but you can add them with plugins.
  4. For photo bloggers, Photum makes the process of tagging an image easier. The tools employee as well as other crucial details. You can use taxonomies and custom fields to give objects more details.



People who work in the innovative sector often use the theme of gridlock in their portfolios. To put it another way, if you and your group members enjoy exchanging imaginative visual content like pictures, images, drawings, and videos, Gridlock is for you. There is no need for an additional plugin because Gridlocked includes a built-in framework.


The following characteristics apply to Gridlocked: 

  1. The layout shuffles to accommodate the transition when a browser window is resize which is excellent.
  2. Visitors can “like” items in the grid without having to open them thanks to the system’s built-in “Like” function.
  3. Gridlock, a JQuery-powered framework, uses JQuery to produce stunning modal windows, rearranging layouts, interaction types, and clever animations.
  4. Numerous common post formats are support, and they are handl ok.
  5. Not only images but also video content is display in the main grid.


WordPress Plugin For Bookmarks

Speaking of the WordPress Bookmarks Plugin, Pinterest enables users to organize content that they have save or that other people have save to boards.


Plugin for User Bookmarks in WordPress for create 

This is a premium WordPress plugin that enables visitors who are sign in to bookmark a blog post. Users can delete their bookmarks if necessary after viewing a list of them. For log-in users, a widget in this plugin shows recently bookmark articles. A widget that displays the most well-like entries is also includ. Shortcodes can also be use to create a My Bookmarks page, which will show a list of bookmarks for each user who is log in.


The popularity of Pinterest like websites is still growing. They have a very pleasing theme that is enjoyable to look at. Website owners have taken note of this and start using masonry theme WordPress models to accomplish their objectives. However, to have a website interface similar to Pinterest, you don’t need a specific theme. All you have to do now is find the right plugin and set it up to do the job for you. Some of the best ones we’ve found were already mention above.


If you’re interest in finding out more about constructing WordPress pinterest like websites, we highly suggest taking a look at Testbook’s WordPress Development Foundation Course. Download the Testbook app from the Play Store right away to gain access to mentoring, online courses, and additional testing materials, as well as to keep track of alluring offers and discounts. 


FAQ on using WordPress to build a website similar to Pinterest


Can you use different themes for various pages when creating Pinterest-style websites in WordPress?

There are numerous ways to set up various themes in WordPress when creating a website in the Pinterest style. You can alter the website’s homepage theme using the first option. To save your changes, just select a theme from the drop-down menu and click the Save All Changes button. The second option is to use a prefix, an asterisk, or the entire URL.


Will using WordPress to build a website similar to Pinterest affect the content?

All of your content should still be there since changing themes won’t have an impact there. Start modifying your most recent WordPress theme right away so that your websites that are like pinterest.


What number of WordPress themes exist?

WordPress currently has three themes available: the Twenty Nineteen default theme (demo), the Twenty Seventeen default theme (demo), and the Twenty Sixteen default theme (demo). You can change Themes thanks to the Administration Screen’s appearance.


What theme for WordPress loads the fastest?

ThemeIsle is renowned for its quick and adaptable themes and plugins, many of which come with premium upgrades and are offer for free. The Neve theme from ThemeIsle, with its adaptable design and user-friendly interface, stood out as the quickest in some tests.


Conclusion – How to Create a Pinterest Like Website with WordPress.

A variety of skills, including working knowledge of Web development and Web design, HTML, CSS, JQuery, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and wireframing tools, are need to create a WordPress website like Pinterest.


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