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Find Local SEO Clients

Local SEO has become really popular as well as competitive in the recent years. This is not only for those who practice SEO, but also for the small business owners who are looking out for various ways to enhance their visibility on search engines. As the owner of an SEO agency, you might be worried about finding your clients. At this point, the first and foremost thing that comes to everyone’s mind is “cold calling” to get local clients. But this does not prove to be a successful way to find local SEO clients. Rather you should focus on building assets as well as your website authority online that can automatically help you get more leads and thus more clients. 

Select a profitable Niche

Following are the tips to find local SEO clients for an excellent start:

Select a Particular Niche

The first and foremost step is to choose your SEO niche and create a website that will effectively target it. The website should contain all the relevant information  related to your niche. All the related blogs and articles  should be published frequently to get higher search engine rankings. You can gain excellent authority and ranking on Google if a minimum of 10 articles or blogs are ranked in the top position.  This will get you more traffic and audience which leads to an increase in your website’s authority. 

Make Your Own Local SEO Perfect

You should certainly work on your own SEO and make it perfect if you want to find your local SEO clients. Give ample amount of time and resources to it so that you work with perfection on your own local SEO and get leads. This will do wonders in  becoming successful and building faith in your ability among the clients.

You can attract a large number of local SEO clients if you set your location for nearby areas as well as for distant places. This is because there might be various locations where you would like to provide a particular service to various customers. It could be your own town, city or state. The chances of getting more local SEO clients from nearby locations increase if you have good visibility in your local area. 

Strategies For Content Marketing 

You can get leads with simple and cold outreach methods but it is quite difficult to build a brand online. Brand building is very important for your business as it helps in gaining trust of the audience, getting good reviews and generating long term leads.  Working on content marketing strategies can build your brand and your authority online which will help you find your SEO clients.

Content marketing strategies can be done through various channels like Youtube, blogging, social media etc. among these, Youtube is an excellent way to get more SEO clients due to the fact that it is the second largest search engine on the internet. To get your keywords ranked, you can create videos on the ones that have low competition in your niche.  Just in the same way,  blogging on some low competition keywords can help you get good rankings and you can easily find local SEO clients. 

Strategies For Content Marketing

Attending Business Events and other Marketing Events

Everyone of us usually prefers to work with people we already know.   Therefore, attending various business and marketing events can help you get hold of some precious clients.  Your regular presence in every event will leave some impression on various customers.  So,  as long as you are making good personal connections, your chances of getting good local SEO clients  automatically will increase.  

Online Social Media Channels to Find Local SEO Clients

In this digital era, there are times when face to face or traditional marketing methods do not have much importance as they lack agenda or purpose and calls to action. The forced and awkward interactions can waste your precious time. On the other hand, with the help of social media channels like LinkedIn, you can get various connections online that can help you find your local SEO clients and also increase leads by social channels.

Join various business groups on facebook related to different business owners with whom you want to work with in the near future.  This is because networking is now evolving and joining various groups on social media channels will help you get your local SEO clients faster as compared to other methods.

Social Media Channels

With The Help Of Your Competitors

It is very important for an SEO consultant or SEO agency to search for its competitors online to have a clear understanding of the business they dominate. For this, you need to conduct complete research and make a short list of all your competitors in your local area.  Then create a  list of related niches with the help of your keyword research tool. This list is then used to approach similar businesses around you that may require your SEO services.  

Target Businesses With Lower Rankings

The local search results will give you an excellent idea of which business type requires a local SEO expertise in order to get high rankings. Businesses with high ranking results might already be using  search engine optimization services to remain on top, but sites with lower rankings might not be. This is why there are chances of getting your local SEO clients from here. 

For doing this, every page result should be properly analyzed in order to find the businesses that fail to get a good search engine ranking and require local SEO services. Contact the ones struggling with their rankings and you can easily find your Local SEO clients. 

With Referrals To Find Local SEO Clients

Referrals are an excellent way to get more local SEO clients especially when you don’t have that big reputation to get clients on your own. For this you just require to have some existing clients who have further connections. When people hear your name from their trusted friend or anyone known, they will be more interested in your work and there are chances that they would choose you over the ones they are not familiar with. This is how you can get your local SEO clients there and then. 

Get Highest Rank For Your Own Website

It is one of the best and easiest ways to get local SEO clients.  Ranking your own website for  various search terms related to “local SEO” and other marketing search keywords can help you get business owners who are searching for similar terms on the search engines. If they get what they are looking for, you will not have to promote yourself any further. When you reach the targeted audience, you will also get your SEO clients. 

rank website on top and Find Local SEO Clients


The golden rule to finding local SEO clients is to get involved in your local community first. Create networks, build connections and add value to work by showing them the success of business online. You can get in touch with us today to get more information on where you can find your local clients. Call us at 91-9355088080 or get a free proposal by filling out our application form online. 

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