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December 7, 2022
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Website Like Chegg

Chegg, Inc., is an American education technology company based in Santa Clara, California. Website like Chegg  provides homework help, digital and physical textbook rentals, textbooks, online tutoring, and other student services. As of 2012, Chegg had over 4 million registered users for its website and mobile application. 

Do you wonder how to create a website like Chegg? Let us get started!


Steps to create a website like Chegg


#1) Start with a relevant name for your website like Chegg


Chegg is good for any people who love school and want to learn something. What about creating a site like Chegg? Your name should be related to the topic you are writing about. What’s more, it should be short but meaningful. For example, “Chegg” is short and suitable for making websites.

You can also try the serial brand names such as blog, post, article, etc.


#2) Consider your target audience


Who visits your blog? Chegg focuses on serving students in grades 7-12. But you don’t need to follow their plan as well! Your website needs to provide relevant information to your target audience. As you’re a student, you can attract more traffic by writing posts related to your school life.

If you are an expert in computer science. You can share your experience on the blog to help people with some problems they meet while making websites.

If you’re confused about how to attract visitors’ eyes. Just think about how your thoughts are attractive enough for them and write something interesting.


#3) Create clear navigation on your website


Chegg has a simple layout and it is easy for users to find what they want. It provides many categories on the home page and it becomes a good guide for users to go straightly to the one used for them. While creating a website like Chegg, you need to plan your navigational details before you make a website. Think of the categories (such as Products, Blog, Contact Us, etc.), and determine which page should be your website’s home page.

Then, create other pages where people can find the information they want quickly. Make navigation easy by using a short sentence instead of long text as your link’s name. 


For example: if you write an article about how to choose the right programming language for you, it will be a good idea to have a category for “Programming Languages” on Navigation Bar. Thus, visitors can click on its name to know more about related topics such as “Python”, “Java”, “Ruby” etc.

Website Like Chegg

Now let us move to the development stages when developing a website like Chegg


Stage 1 – Ideas


When you have an idea for your website, it is time to start working on its creation. You need to do research and think about how your site should look like. Remember that many people visit the website to learn or get information, not for entertainment. So, your site should be engaging and easy to navigate.


Stage 2- Website Design


In this stage, you need to create a wireframe for your website while creating a website like Chegg. It means you have already figured out what information will be posted on different pages. But have not developed the code that is required to make the site work yet. It is easy to make blog writing your first job—your latest blog post will become your main website’s home page. If you have a background in HTML and CSS, you can use them to design your website. In this stage, you need to develop HTML and CSS too.


If you are not a developer but have a good idea of how the site should look, hire a web designer to develop your website for future development or maintenance. The important thing is that your website’s appearance must be consistent with Chegg’s appearance.

Just like Chegg, some other companies (such as Yahoo!, Expedia, ZipRecruiter, and HubSpot) also have something similar to their home pages which show users instantly while creating accounts on their websites. 


Stage 3 – Developing your site


After you have completed the wireframe and design for your website, it is time to start coding everything. 

If you already know HTML and CSS coding well, do not hesitate to develop your own website by using the codes that you have written before. When building websites, there are some platforms that can help web developers a lot such as WordPress, Wix, etc. These platforms are easy-to-use and self-developed websites will be easy to maintain when updates come. 


Stage 4 – Test your site


You need to test your website while creating a website like Chegg on different devices to see the errors that may happen. This is especially important when you make a mobile version of your site. You can get the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript codes from the codes.txt file on the computer that you have used to develop your website. As long as they look similar to their corresponding codes, it will be okay.


To be sure of running smoothly, you need to test your website on a working device or web browser like Chrome, Firefox, etc which are the most popular browsers in today’s world.


Stage 5 – If you need it, add more features


If your website requires additional information, write articles about them, and then you can add them to your written articles. This will provide visitors with the helpful information they need while browsing the website. You can also make a forum to get advice from other users if you want to ask something related to the posts on your site.


For example, Chegg has several pages with “Help” or “FAQ” which provide suggestions to users who have a problem while using the website for the first time. Use Google Analytics and AdSense codes to know how people use your site and see if they respond well to it or not. 


Stage 6 – Promote your site


People want to gain more interest from their website if you know how to promote your site. After all, it is helpful for both you and the users as well. You can build a Facebook page regarding your business, so as to provide some advantages for the customers with different links. 

You can also contact some companies that create websites such as Chegg and ask them to refer people who have an interest in your site. This will help you a lot not only in attracting visitors but also in building your website’s brand identity. According to the statistics from Alexa, Chegg is one of the most popular websites in the US. The increase in traffic and users indicate that Chegg has been successful. Now, it is one of the most visited websites in the US and beyond.


The success of Chegg can be attributed to its ability to use web marketing techniques effectively which are later discussed below:


  • Providing a good user experience (UX) is important in creating an outstanding website that can attract more users.
  • Providing effective information through interactive features is an important way to provide a user-friendly website that attracts more people. Therefore, make sure your website provides many useful links for visitors to utilize instead of boring text regarding your company’s services.




Through this study, we have seen some important strategies of web marketing for you to develop a website like Chegg. These strategies apply to other websites like Chegg as well.

In order to do SEO, the main thing is that you should deliver useful content to the users and engage them in using your website actively. If they are satisfied with your site, they will recommend it to other people which can bring you long-term benefits.

The success of any business lies in its ability to provide good quality products or services to customers and Chegg has proved this by providing high-quality educational articles and classes at a reasonable price and sufficient update frequency.


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