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A Step by Step Beginners Guide – What is Affiliate Marketing
August 25, 2020
How To Write Ideal SEO Optimized Articles blog
How To Write Ideal SEO Optimized Articles or blog That Will Rank #1 On Google
August 31, 2020
SEO Essentials For Blog

SEO Essentials For Blog Posts  is most important part to rank your content in search engine. As an experienced blogger, you must also have understood the fact that the long-form blog posts are the best methods of making the websites rank higher. However, the content can’t just be long, it must be deep as well. And if you can understand this, you can quickly drive tons of genuine traffic to your website.

You must have seen a lot of people who write long articles that contain in-depth thoughts and ideas, but they fail to get that kind of traffic that they want. It’s so because they are not going for the fundamental elements of SEO content and its optimization that the long article needs.

So do you also want to write a long article with a view to expanding your client base and followers, you can simply follow the SEO essentials. This formula seems to be simple, but it’s not that easy to follow.

Get ready to transform your content and optimize it to generate organic traffic.

  • Proper Keyword Research And Use Long-tail Keywords As Much Possible.
    It’s not easy to find the best keywords for the content written. But you can be sure about the specific topics and consider the lower competition keyword using the keyword planner and other keyword tools for finding the appropriate keywords. Use the long-tail keywords as much possible.
    Keyword Research & SEO Essentials For Blog Posts
  • Create a title and heading tags appropriately
    Use the heading tags properly for the title and subheadings. You won’t believe that it can drive more than 85% of the organic traffic to your website.
  • Imply schema markup on your title and content
    Schema is coding that helps to analyze the content by the search engines. It breaks down the content and simplifies the article to add markups.

The excellent strategy is to get the attention of the users and get good traffic to your website. You can’t drive the website traffic on your own. You have to use backlinks, social media networks to link with your content.

Use influencing inbound links

  • Optimize the URL to explain the thought of the article in brief
    Shorter and cleaner URLs provide better user experience and also help the search engines to crawl the content easily. You can make it according to the focus keywords.
  • Include both internal and external links wisely
    If your content includes in-depth thoughts, you can use more backlinks. But you must use them wisely. For the on-page SEO, you should link your article with your other posts according to the length of the content.
  • Create SEO-friendly meta tags and titles for the keywords
    The titles and tags on the search engines must be created according to the content. These must be optimized according to the search engines and must include the focus keywords of the article.
    SEO-friendly meta tags

Create mobile-friendly content

The responsive designs help in creating mobile-friendly content. Using media and white space breaks the article and makes it more impressive.

  • Optimize the loading speed of the webpage and website where the content is uploaded
    The loading of the website must be analyzed so that the serious traffic could not move on from your content posted. The loading speed may be high due to complex website designs, long server response times and many more. But once all these things are considered and taken care of, then your content will be used by more and more people.
  • Focus on the keywords and use them correctly in the content
    The keywords must be used in the content properly so that the content is optimized correctly by the search engines. Generally, the keyword must appear in the initial 100-150 keywords in the blog posts. It will make it easy for the Google crawler to identify the focus keywords of the content.
  • Work on keyword frequency
    Keyword frequency is the counting of the keywords that are written in the content. It depends on the length of the article. Several opinions define the keyword frequency in the content so written. Ideally, it must be 2-3 times in any particular content. Highlight the social buttons correctly
    Linking your content to social websites makes the content easily accessible. So you must make the buttons visible that include social linking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram ).
    Highlight the social buttons
  • Don’t use anchor text again and again
    If you want to use the matching anchor text again, you must be careful to reuse it. As Google looks out for the use of anchor text in the article context and you may be penalized for the same.
  • Syndicate your content correctly
    Most people don’t combine the content appropriately as they think that the written content is duplicated. But syndicating the articles is possible without any penalty. However, there is no need to syndicate every single blog post that is published, but it will help you target a particular audience. You can choose the best channels for content syndication.
  • Modify your title appropriately
    Adding focus keywords to your title can help you get more traffic, and more often, it happens when long-tail keywords are used. Some common words like best, simple and easy are searched on a large scale. So you can include these words in your title to make it more useful and creative.
  • Use more focus keywords in the articles and posts
    The article is useless when the keywords are not appropriately stuffed. It’s your choice to use the short or long-tail keyword or some particular phrases in the article. It would be great to naturally rank your web page better with the help of focus keywords in your posts.
    Use focus keywords
  • Ensure the long-form blog posts
    The long-form content includes the word-limit of more than 2000 words. It is an optimal length, but some writers prefer more than 3000 words. But you must understand the fact that the length is not only the individual factor for obtaining a high ranking. So it is also essential to write content with in-depth meanings.

Try to write more comprehensive content.

As mentioned earlier, you must ensure that the article so written must be good enough that the readers can understand the objective of writing the appropriate content. It must address a target audience and go into extreme depth for the details.Therefore, the long-form blog posts must be adequately optimized using the variety of metrics available and also analyze the loopholes, if any, to get the top rankings for your website and blog posts.

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