How Do We Solve If Anyone Is Doing Bad SEO Against a Website?

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Negative SEO

We all have heard about negative or bad SEO these days but don’t know if exactly if it really happens or not.  And if it happens, how will we get to know about it? What should be done to protect yourself from this? First we need to know what exactly is Bad SEO.

Bad SEO on your website is when people try to lower your site’s ranking on search engines in different ways. The most common type of SEO is a link based with the help which unauthorized people can use to try to reduce your rankings. 

Another case is where a person can enter your website by hacking your server and deleting your site. Also your robots.txt file could be changed so that the tell search engines do not crawl your site anymore. 

Some Ways to Solve if anyone is performing bad SEO on your website

  • The first step is to analyze what the problem is and where it is coming from just to make sure that we will be able to solve bad SEO problems on your website.
  • After understanding the exact and major reason behind the negative SEO on our site, you are required to take care of your site properly and more logically.  This is done by adopting different ways than what you were adopting previously.  
  • One of the best solutions is to change your website’s structure and content. This is done because the keywords may have been used mainly from the text, or the manner in which your website’s material is assembled and structured.    
  • If the issue is a more serious one, then rather than changing your website’s entire structure and content, you can just modify it after examining it correctly. This is done because at times, some sites lack proper structure despite having proper content and images.    
  • If the problem is due to the keywords used by the competition, then we should change the keyword research tool. There should be a check on the keywords used by the competition and perform SEO accordingly. 


You need not worry about bad SEO as such because it has tough algorithms which work continuously to protect every site against such SEO techniques. So if you discover that your site is getting affected by poor SEO, then keep in mind that there are many ways to protect your site from this.  

Ravi Sharma
Ravi Sharma
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