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PHP is an open-source web development scripting language designed for building dynamic web pages. It combines the powerful functionality of CGI script with features that simplify programming, thus generating a handy platform for writing dynamic websites.

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    If you’re looking to enhance your skills in PHP, then LeCiel Technologies can help you achieve the goals you set for yourself.

    We offer the best PHP training in Chandigarh, which enables you to enhance your skills in core PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and AJAX. Irrespective of whether you’re a beginner or an experienced programmer, our expert trainers will provide you with the apt training that enables you to streamline your skills in this language.

    Our team of expert PHP developers has years of experience working with this language to design and develop applications for varied business needs. Using their expertise in this field, we enable people from different fields of expertise to avail effective training for becoming proficient at using this language.

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    Our expert PHP trainers work with their students to create applications for various business needs. They help our students overcome the challenges they face while developing applications in this language. The best part of such effective training is its interactive nature. This ensures that students get an understanding of the PHP programming language in a detailed manner and develop their proficiency in it.

    Our training center can teach you everything that you need to know about PHP. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced programmer, we provide the best training in this field to help you perform better in your respective fields.

    We conduct professional PHP training sessions which will help you know the fundamentals of PHP scripting language and practice it by developing and testing your solutions.

    Certification is another important step that every developer needs to take while accomplishing his/her goals. Our expert trainers provide certification programs for different types of languages such as PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, etc. This reduces the learning curve of students and helps them develop their skills in a more organized way with basic knowledge on the subject matter being covered.

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    We provide our students with the right learning material and interactive labs to help them. This helps in understanding and practicing the skills taught.


    Along with face-to-face training, we also offer online classes for those who can’t attend classes in person. We use the latest technologies for online classes like WebEx and GoToMeeting.


    We offer students different discounts on their training programs depending upon their requirements and the choice of modules they choose during their training.


    We provide sample projects and hands-on sessions to our students to learn in a better way. We also conduct mock interviews after 3 months of their joining for clearing the doubts of students.

    Course PHP Training in Chandigarh
    Duration 45 Days – 90 Days , 6(Six Months Industrial Training, Unlimited Learning.
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    Our Training is Powered by the best experts

    Our trainers focus on various aspects of this language to provide a detailed understanding of the core concepts to their students. They also use state-of-the-art tools such as computers with large screens, audio systems, and other necessary tools which help them explain technical concepts with ease.

    What makes us the best choice for PHP training in Chandigarh is the fact that we do not just provide theoretical knowledge about this subject matter but also help students make practical applications for real-life situations to make sure that they understand everything in a better manner. Our trainers make sure that students get one-on-one attention at all times so that they can learn from their mistakes and eliminate their misconceptions about programming language.

    Chapter 1: HTML5 – Table of contents

    • Introduction to Web Technology
    • Introduction to HTML
    • Elements and Tags
    • Attributes
    • Elements(Advanced)
    • Images
    • Tables (Detailed)
    • Links (All types)
    • Video and Audio
    • Forms
    • Google Map & YouTube:
    • Uploading pages
    • Web Standards and validation
    • Tips & Tricks

    Chapter 2: CSS & CSS3

    • Introduction of CSS & CSS3
    • Way of using CSS (Inline, Internal & External)
    • Working of CSS
    • Identification and Grouping of Selectors (class and id)
    • The Box Model
    • The Box Model – Margin & Padding
    • The Box Model – borders
    • Floating Elements
    • Positioning of Elements
    • Layer on Layer with Z-index
    • CSS3 Selectors
    • Border Radius with CSS3
    • Box Shadow with CSS3
    • Text Shadow with CSS3
    • Transition with CSS3
    • Transform with CSS3
    • Gradient with CSS3
    • Animation with CSS3

    Chapter 3: Introduction

    • What is PHP
    • How PHP Better than other language
    • Server / Client Environment
    • Types of Web Browser and Web Server
    • Server side V/s Client-side scripting
    • Difference between PHP4.0, PHP5.0 and PHP6.0
    • Introduction to WAMP, XAMP, LAMP, MAMP
    • Installation and Configuration Files
    • How to install PHP on Linux

    Chapter 4: Development Concept

    • How PHP Script works
    • PHP Syntax and Tags
    • Write your First PHP Program
    • Embed PHP in HTML / HTML in PHP
    • Creating Web Development Environment
    • Comments in PHP
    • Variable in PHP
    • Storing data in Variables
    • Creating Constants
    • Operator in PHP {Math, Increment/Decrement, Bitwise, Execution, String, Ternary}

    Chapter 5: Control Structure

    • IF Statement
    • If else Statement
    • If elseif else Statement
    • Nested IF Statement
    • Nested IF Statement

    Chapter 6: Looping Structure

    • For Loop
    • While Loop
    • Do While Loop
    • For Each Loop
    • Break and Continue statement with loop

    Chapter 7: Array

    • What is an array
    • Syntax of Array
    • Associative Array
    • Numeric Array
    • Multi-Dimensional Array
    • Enumerated Arrays
    • Array Iteration
    • Modify Array
      (Sorting, Merging, Delete etc.)
    • Array Iteration
    • User define index array
    • Casting array
    • Looping in array (While, For-each, For)
    • Extract data from array
    • Manipulate Array
    • Looping with index-based array
    • Looping with associative array using ‘for-each’
    • Array to String and String to Array

    Chapter 8: String Handling

    • Creating and accessing string
    • String Position
    • String Replace
    • String Capitalization
    • String Length
    • String Explode
    • String Implode

    Chapter 9: Functions

    • What is function?
    • Why functions are useful
    • Syntax of Function
    • Calling function
    • User Defined Function
    • System Defined Function
    • Parameterized Function
    • Non-Parameterize Function
    • Date and Time Function
    • Hash Function
    • Call by value and call by
    • Variable scope
    • Static function
    • File inclusion
    • Include()
    • Require()
    • HTTP Header
    • Passing Argument in function
    • Returning data from function

    Chapter 10: File Handling

    • Opening files Creating and deleting files.
    • Reading, Writing, Closing file
    • Using dynamic Content and JSP and Servlets
    • Appending, Uploading and Truncate file
    • Basic regular expression
    • Matching Patterns
    • Finding matches and Replace match

    Chapter 11: Working with Date and Time

    • Understanding Timestamp
    • Getting the current Date and Time
    • Creating our own Timestamps
    • Format Date String
    • Checking Date Values
    • Working with file directories
    • Date time: The future of PHP Date/Time

    Chapter 12: OOPS CONCEPTS

    • What is object-oriented programming?
    • Advantages of OOP
    • Understanding basic OOP concepts
    • Class and Object
    • Encapsulation and abstraction
    • Inheritance
    • Polymorphism
    • Abstract class
    • Function overriding
    • Function overloading
    • Properties of Object

    Chapter 13: State Management

    • Cookies
      • Syntax of Cookies
      • Creating Cookies
      • Retrieving Fresh Cookies
      • Destroying Cookies
      • Destroying Session
    • 2. Session
      • Syntax of Session
      • Destroying Session
      • Creating Session
      • Retrieving Fresh Cookies
      • Destroying Session

    Chapter 14: Reading Data in Web Pages

    • Setting Web pages to communicate with PHP
    • Handling Text Field
    • Text Area
    • Check box
    • Password
    • Password
    • Radio
    • List

    Chapter 15: PHP Sending Emails

    • Contact Form with PHP

    Chapter 16: Web Services

    • What is regular expression?
    • Pattern matching in PHP
    • Replacing text
    • Splitting a string with a regular expression

    Chapter 17: Generation Images With PHP

    • Basics of computer Graphics
    • Creating Image
    • Manipulating Image
    • Using text in Image

    Chapter 18: Web Architecture

    • API
    • URL
    • URL Rewriting
    • GD Libraries
    • PHP and XML

    Chapter 19: Network Programming

    • What is Socket Programming?
    • How to use Socket in PHP

    Chapter 20: JavaScript

    • Introduction to JavaScript
    • Conditional Constructs in JavaScript
    • Looping statement in JavaScript
    • Working with Predefined functions
    • Maintaining Validations in JavaScript
    • Working with Different types of Mouse Events
    • Miscellaneous

    Chapter 21: WordPress Introduction

    • Understanding and using domain names
    • WordPress Hosting Options
    • Installing WordPress on a Dedicated server
    • Understanding Directory

    Chapter 22: Basics of the WordPress User Interface

    • Understanding the WordPress Dashboard
    • Pages, Tags, Media and Content Administration
    • Core WordPress Settings

    Chapter 23: Working with WordPress Themes

    • Understanding the Structure of the WordPress themes
    • Finding Themes and choosing the Right one
    • Installing and configuring Themes
    • Editing and Customizing Themes
    • Using theme Frameworks and Parent-Child Theme
    • Theme Best Practices

    Chapter 24: WordPress Content Management

    • Understanding Post Versus Pages
    • Organizing Posts with categories
    • Connecting Posts Together with Tags
    • String Capital Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies Izatiom
    • Managing Lists of Links

    Our PHP Training Course in Chandigarh will give you 100% Job Placement

    Our expert team of trainers will provide you with the best training in PHP. They will make sure that you know all the aspects of this language and can develop applications using PHP scripting. We also let you interview for different companies, make your practice to crack the interview, and also guide you in getting your dream job.

    One to One Session

    This ensures that students get an accurate understanding of the core concepts, which will make them proficient at using this language.


    We offer this service for our clients in the form of customized software designing, development, and maintenance for various kinds of industries.

    Free study material

    This helps in streamlining their learning experience and enables them to apply their knowledge and skills practically.

    Support & Guidance

    Our expert trainers work closely with students during this process so that they feel comfortable as well as updated about the subject matter being covered.

    Interview preparation

    We conduct mock interview sessions after 3 months of their joining.

    Technical Support

    We provide students with technical support before and after they join our training classes so that they can learn well through this process.

    Experienced Trainers

    Our trainers have varied experience in various industries, which enables them to make better technical explanations about various aspects of the PHP programming language and its applications in different business situations.

    100% Job Assurance

    We have a great track record of providing our students with 100% job assurance after they complete their training program.

    Learn from Developers

    Our trainers are experts in the industry and can provide our students with the best practice and practical examples to enable them to perform better in their respective fields.


    We provide various certification programs for different types of languages such as PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, etc. This will help you get rid of your fears about getting certified by other companies and enhance your confidence level.

    Affordable tuition

    We believe in providing our students with affordable tuition so that they can focus on their goals and achieve them easily with fewer expenses.

    Free Personality Development Classes

    Our personality development program will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses effectively.


    Learn from India’s top PHP Training faculty and industry leaders.


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