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People also search for

Google’s “People also search for” or “People also ask” box is a useful and interesting tool that suggests additional searches based on the ones you’ve already entered. You’ll find it at the top of your search results page, just below where you enter your query.

The interesting part about this little box is that Google’s algorithm uses your past searches to create suggestions for what you might be interested in next. For example, if someone has searched for “guitar lessons,” then when they go to Google again. They will see “guitar amps” and their people will also search for a box. So if you were looking for information about guitar amps before, then this suggestion would be particularly relevant to you and worth exploring.


Below is a short tutorial on how to use the people also search for box.


people also search for box - tutorial

First, we will look at how to find this box in Google’s results page. Then we will go over how it works, and what type of information you can expect to get. Lastly, we will go over the best practices of using this box effectively.


How to find people also search for box

This is where the magic happens. If you’ve ever had a question about something and Googled it, then you’ve probably seen this box. It turns up at the top of your page with a link to “people also search for,” which takes you to Google’s own suggestions. So what does this link do?

It’s a suggestion of searches that may be similar to yours. So, if you’re looking for information on guitar amps, then Google will return “guitar amps” in their people also search for box. In addition, they’ll also give you three other related searches that are specifically tailored to you.


How your past searches affect what Google recommends


Google Recommends

When someone types a search into Google, they get suggested searches based on their past usage. For example, if a user has previously searched for “Titanic movie” in the past and then searches for “Titanic history,” the terms “Titanic movie hero ” and “who was the actress in Titanic?” will appear in the people also search for box because of the user’s previous usage. The same logic applies to a variety of topics across all verticals.

This helps people move from a general search to a more specific one. For example, if someone is looking for a history book about Titanic, typing in “Titanic history” or just “Titanic” will prompt Google’s suggestions of related topics. This way, it’s easier for users to find something that interests them.


How to use people also search for box effectively


use people also search for box

On the positive side, people also search for it as a great way to find new and relevant information. In addition to suggestions of related searches, it also gives you some common questions that people have about certain topics. For example, typing “How do you escape from an iPhone” gets you “How to unlock an iPhone” as one of the suggestions in the box.

Sometimes it leads to some bad topics which are not relevant at all. Then we should click on related topics if we need to get the same questions or topics on the internet. Otherwise we should just click on ask Google to make our search easier.


The bottom line

Google’s “People also search for” box is a very useful tool to suggest additional searches based on your current one. It also allows you to discover new and relevant information about topics that are of interest to you. On the other hand, it can sometimes lead you to bad places when you’re looking for good resources about a topic, so it’s important to phrase your queries carefully when using this box. Use it effectively and see the results.

How to optimize your website for “People also search for” or “People Also Ask?

First, make sure you’re using at least HTML 5 and CSS 3 to make your website look nice and use some of the new features like form validation and media queries.

Also add images to increase the quality of your page content. Images are more important in a user’s mind than any words. Also, there is a small quality bar on the Chrome browser that shows the number of images that a page contains. This will help your website be indexed properly by Google in the future.

To improve your chances for SEO, you can also optimize your pages for keyword density by making sure that no word appears on more than 200 characters in any one paragraph. Use the “find and replace” functionality on your text editing software.

In order to improve your chance of being in Google’s “People also search for” box, you can put the meta description tag at the beginning of every page on your website. However, this tag must be unique for each page or it will have a negative impact on your website ranking.

Lastly, you should always optimize your pages so that they are easier to read and understand. The same principles apply when optimizing content for Google’s other search queries as well.

You can add schema as well for Frequently asked Questions. Include Topics “People also search for” which it has shown.

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