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May 15, 2020
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Methods To Increase traffic on your Blog

Have you been working on your blog for a long time and just waiting for it to be ranked on Google? Now it is the right time to get traffic from the targeted audience. More traffic is not always going to help you in the long run! You should have a focus on more relevant and right traffic coming from the best and reliable audience that is fully engaged to your blog. For this, you need to understand what your audience wants. Once you have a clear idea about what people want in your blog, you can easily optimize it to improve its quality and make it best.

Target a Right and Relevant Audience

Here are some of the following strategies that are helpful to increase traffic on your blog:

Create an Effective strategy for your content

To increase your blog traffic, you need to make an excellent and effective content strategy that would make it look good to the audience. The best and most successful content is the one that is evergreen, relevant and which meets the requirements  of your targeted audience. Create a blog that is highly attractive, engaging, has proper images and videos to help people easily get a proper understanding of what you are talking about. This will keep them engaged and thus improves your traffic!

Use effective content strategy

Selection Of Proper Topic!

Topic selection is a very important aspect of the content or blog. Choose a topic that is interesting for your audience because  If you write about a topic that no one is interested in, you probably would not get any traffic on your blog even if it is very well written.

But where would you get an idea of the topic to write about? For this, you need to research and read a variety of other blogs and forums.

Attractive Headlines 

Headlines are an important component that makes your content look really good and can help to increase traffic on it.  These make the visitors capture interest in your content and they  like to read on further. Results have proved that if you have promising and engaging headlines that are quite attractive for the audience, you can easily enhance traffic on your blog. Also, take care of the heading tags like H1, H2, H3 etc for where they need to be used.

Use Always Attractive Headlines

Update Your Content regularly

It is a good practice to update your content on a regular basis by replacing it with new content. It will improve the user engagement and experience and help you get more traffic on it. This is done because old or outdated content may not be as useful for the users as new and updated content with relevant information according to the present scenario. Also it is difficult to rank old content on search engines and also look for fresh content to provide the best experience to their users.For this, you need to prioritize the blog posts that you need to update. This is done by properly analyzing and identifying the blogs that have higher search traffic through Google analytic tools. Also Google Webmaster tools will help you find out the keywords  on which you can easily work and update your content accordingly. Just updating the content is not enough, you can enhance the user experience by making the post more streamlined and genuinely helpful for them.

Selection Of Keywords For Your Blog

To drive big time traffic to your blog, selection of proper keywords according to SEO strategy is a must. The right keywords can help you easily connect with those who are actively looking for your blog content.

Keywords Stuffing

Use keyword planning tools to get the most relevant keywords for your blog. These keywords include the ones that are long tail and clever most part of the search query of the users.   Targeting long-tail keywords is one of the most effective ways to get top results on SERP. This is because there’s less competition for these keywords as compared to short tail keywords. So the phrases with low competition and high searches are the best ones for your blog to increase relevant traffic on it.

Blogger SEO WordPress Plugins 

There are some great wordpress plugins that help bloggers to work on their blogs and  rank well! These plug-ins help them to create the slug or blog Url correctly according to the title. Also, to set up meta titles, meta descriptions, create sitemaps, and consider other minute details regarding the content quality, readability etc. Two most importantly used wordpress plugins are WordPress SEO by Yoas and All in One SEO Pack.

Use Of Social Media To Get In Touch WIth The Audience

To promote your blog, it is important that you reach out your audience through social media networks like LikedInfacebookinstagramtwitter etc as these are widely used among  people nowadays. For this you are required to enhance your presence across these networks. This will help you to understand your audience’s interest and you can easily keep them engaged with your content!


Target Social Media Audience

Mobile Optimization

Most of the audience today are mobile users. So to  get more visitors to your blog, it is required that you have mobile optimization done for your website. Obviously your visitors would never like to wait for the web page loading to read out your blog. They will press the back button and move on to other content if your blog is loading fast enough. So it becomes really important to have your mobile optimization done to increase the loading speed and thus your traffic.

Stick To Your Particular Niche

Yes! You are required to choose your niche and stick to that in order to avoid confusion for your audience. By doing this, you can easily know your target audience and what it wants to read. If your blogs are written on topics for one niche then the audience remains engaged to your blogs always as they know that  if they need any information related to that niche, they would easily get in your content. This will ultimately increase the traffic on your blog.

Include Images and Info-graphs

Try and add images and infographs related to your blog’s content. They not  only add visual appearance to your blog, but also the image alt tag is good for SEO perspective.These images and infographs should be self explanatory so that the audience can easily be able to understand what your blog is all about. This will in turn enhance traffic on your content.

Include attractive images in Your Blog

These were some of the methods that help to easily get traffic to your blog and boost its ranking on Google. By taking care of your audience’s interest, age, gender etc you can easily find out what they want in your blog’s content!

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