How to do SEO for a Magento Website?

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SEO for a Magento Website

If you are the owner of an e-commerce company, then a Magento Website SEO is a must for your website. Magento is a renowned and fastest-growing e-commerce platform. The flexibility, as well as usability, provides businesses with the means to reduce their expenditure and accelerate growth. In reality, companies that invest in this particular platform grow three times faster. Undoubtedly Magento is a necessity in today’s e-commerce market place. Its innovative and extensive customized features help to enhance your online presence and increase your conversions. To maximize the success of your Magento website, you need to optimize it first. That’s where search engine optimization comes into use, and hence, Magento is your leading e-commerce platform for the development of your business.

Let us understand what Magento Website SEO is:

  • Magento e-commerce platform is provided with a variety of features.
  • CMS Magento gives owners the full power and elasticity over the design, the content, and the working process of their online shops.
  • Magento is an Open Source e-commerce platform, and you can download it for free.
  • It is known to be the best eCommerce Platform for Online Selling of your products or services.
  • Similarly, like WordPress, Magento is one of the most search engine cordial e-commerce platforms.
  • It has a Mobile-friendly layout.
  • Magento e-commerce platform is loaded with many extensions that include fulfilling the business necessities according to the needs.

Magento Website SEO

Some SEO Useful Tips for Magento platform:

What bothers many Magento users is SEO. Although Magento is SEO friendly when installed, many things still need to be improved. Many Magento issues need to be arranged quickly and are listed below:

  • The duplicate content issue for many pages
  • Not-optimized HTML sitemap
  • Optimize product images
  • Modify Robots.txt File
  • How to add up Meta Title and Meta Description for a Product?
  • Remove default store code from URL
  • Add a Blog page to your Magento store.
  • Get quality links to your store from different channels.


Way of Optimizing Your Website Like a Magento Website SEO Expert

The following steps will help you optimize your website like a Magento SEO Expert:

1. Audit Your Website

Before you start researching the keywords or improving the speed of the page or updating product categories. First, you need to look at the present condition of your website. But in some cases, your site may already have an excellent strategy for category and spectacular page speed. That’s why you want to audit your website’s SEO.

If you take audit seriously, it will help you build a smart plan for improvement, so it is better to focus on these areas for better results:

  • Domain: Make sure you fix the errors so that Google can crawl and index the www or non-www version of your website. The same applies to the http or https version of your website. Otherwise, search engines will index many versions of your site. Such errors should be deleted by entering your System, followed by Configuration and Web settings.
  • Structured data: Another reason you want to assess is your website’s use of structured data, which can include product reviews, social media links, and listing of your product. The structured data provides search engines with more details, which they further give to users. You can check the status of your structured data by using Google’s free testing tool.
  • Duplicate content: Duplicate content is one of the significant issues in Magento SEO. You can fix this problem by upgrading your domain. Find a solution to it entirely by enabling a canonical link meta tag for categories. You can also modify your Google Webmaster settings for URL framework.


2. Do Keyword Research

The primary step Magento SEO is doing keyword research. By doing keyword research, you can easily optimize your product pages to direct quality traffic for customers if they are looking to buy your product, regarding any item. You can improve your keyword research results using tools like Ubersuggest and many more. By using these online tools, you can get information on the search volume and cost-per-click (CPC) of keywords and about your competitors. If you have no idea about where to start your keyword research, have a look at your target audience. And depending on your market value, your audience may post questions related to your product on Quora or do activities on Reddit.

3. Conduct an Enquiry With Your Competitors

If you want to be an expert in Magento SEO, then you have to focus on the activities of your competitors. First, create a list of competitor websites and analyze their product pages. Look for the keywords they are targeting, and what sites are driving consumers to them?

If you want to make a unique SEO strategy for your Magento website, you must observe the performance of your competitors. You can get some ideas that can influence your decision as well, such as targeting a specific keyword or redesigning your homepage layout.

4. Update Your Product Listing

After you have finished revising your keyword research, competitor analysis, and website audit, you can start updating your product categories. It is a very crucial step in Magento SEO. Make sure you focus on the following areas when upgrading your product pages:

  • Name: Construct a product category name that’s illustrative, short, and sweet.
  • Description: The product description you write about must be informative and useful for the audience. Don’t forget to add the keywords you’re targeting and make sure you avoid keyword stuffing in the description of your product categorization.

Rewrite Your Product Pages

After you have invested your time in SEO, you may edit some old pages or rebuild an entire product line-up. It doesn’t matter what your aim is about the project, create a strategy for optimizing your product pages to save your time.

Your product pages can be boosted with the following steps:

  • Your product name should be descriptive: Similarly, like your product category, you will want to create a product name that’s useful for your users. Give information about your product and add the keyword also. Think and invent a few options to create a product name that allures users.
  • Make a unique product description: Now, concentrate on the short and full description of your product. Write the description part that is distinct, appropriate, and informative. The description part should provide details as much as possible. Your short description should focus on the key features.
  • Create a captivating meta title and meta description:  The meta title and meta description should follow the same standards for product category pages. The keywords should be included and write spellbinding call-to-action (CTA) that motivates them to click.


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