Wix or WordPress
Which Is Good For SEO – Wix or WordPress?
October 2, 2020
How Do I Use SEO On Wix
How Do I Use SEO On Wix?
October 9, 2020
Is Wix Good for SEO

If you want your online business to flourish in today’s competitive marketplace, then Search Engine Optimization is crucial for your website. This is the reason why Wix continues to go to an extent to provide its users with a strong platform along with the best tools and guides to make sure users improve their ranking on Google search engine result pages.  That’s why, Wix Good for SEO. There are millions of active websites today in the digital world. So it becomes very important for an online business to stand out against its competitors.

And if you don’t push yourself harder in drawing the attention of the audience, you might get lost in the online world and will never be seen again. Many businesses choose Wix- a user-friendly content management platform to build their website using drag and drop features. 

Wix allows you to create beautiful looking websites instantly, but a question arises that is it good for SEO? Earlier, Wix was a complete no for businesses that wanted search engine visibility. However, things started to improve in terms of Wix’s SEO potential. In this blog, we are going to learn if Wix works for SEO or not. 

Complete wix guidance

A Complete Guide for Wix SEO

Businesses that want to create an attractive looking website, but don’t have much technical knowledge, Wix is a great option for them. It is a free website builder. Over the past few years, Wix has worked hard to match up to competitors like WordPress and Weebly and has mastered its SEO limitations.

At present, it has a variety of SEO features that are practically easy to use. The websites that are created using Wix can be ranked on the search engine result pages. Wix is suitable for blogs, personal websites and small businesses. For website owners and bloggers, Wix SEO is a great fit as it covers the basics and is easy to use that allows you to focus on your content. In short, Wix can be used by anyone, it’s not just meant for a tech-savvy.

Does Wix SEO work?

Wix SEO Wiz is an extensive program created to help for the better improvement of your Wix website’s SEO that will guide you in each step. It will guide you on enhancing your online presence by highlighting your website’s weak points and recommending improvements. SEO Wiz starts with the keyword element to discover the most powerful keywords for the website.

Queries are being asked like how you want people to search for your business on Google. After that, it analyzes your keywords which allows you to use the best ones for each page. The main benefit of the Wix site builder is that it is easy to use. In Wix, all the basic SEO features are built-in together with some other advanced ones.

The SEO features are being taken care of very well. The SEO aspects include meta title, meta description, custom URLs, headings, sitemap, image alt text, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Canonical tags and structured data for each of your Wix pages. The site’s loading speed is quick and reliable with good uptime. Wix ensures its sites are crawled by mobile search engines and are mobile-friendly as well. For users who are interested in sharing content on other platforms, Wix provides a built-in social media integration for them. 

social media integration

The biggest benefit of Wix is that it allows you to create a website with your content. It is vital to provide something useful and valuable for users to succeed in search engine results. This is why Wix websites work well for SEO.

Are Wix Websites User Friendly?

Earlier, there were some SEO issues like lightbox URL problem, poor URL structure, no image descriptions and Google bots inefficiency to crawl Wix hosted websites. The problem was due to the use of Ajax and Javascript to design web pages. Initially, problems occurred in scanning Wix websites and were ranked very poor on Google. But with its latest update, the problem has been solved. 

A large number of Wix sites are ranked top on the search result pages. It has updated its Ajax code and it uses HTML code more cleverly in the header. Due to these changes, it has proven to give better SEO results for Wix websites. Wix builds a website following the Google guidelines.

So, if your content is valuable and appropriate for the target audience and easily recognizable by engines, Google will surely crawl and index the website. There are chances of your website to rank higher where you can stand out against the competitors. 

Wix Sitemap

A sitemap is a layout of how visitors on the site will go through pages. There is a sitemap on every Wix website that helps get the content identified by search engines. This sitemap is created on the Wix server and is always updated with pages that are removed or added to the site. 

wix sitemap

Google crawls through your website page by page to recognize keywords and appropriate content. If your website has a well-designed sitemap, it can help you rank higher in search result pages. The sitemap works with SEO to help improve your visibility. Thus it makes it easy for the users to obtain information on your Wix website. Also, a Wix sitemap can be submitted directly to Google.

Wix Google Verification

Google Search Console is a free tool created to help the website owners find the best SEO strategy to promote and increase traffic to their website. But first, you have to confirm that you are the owner of the website and domain to associate your Wix website to the Google Search Console. The whole process is called Wix Google Verification. The procedure is a bit technical but is very simple.

The verification process is easy where you can connect the website to a personalized domain to get a strong SEO boost. 

boost traffic

Final Thoughts – Is Wix Good for SEO

Wix is excellent for SEO. Its built-in support and guide makes it the best way to learn basics. While you can use the advanced methods once you’re comfortable with the process. According to Google, Wix SEO is a good experience because users can see their pages on search results straight away once they create them. 

If you’re looking for more tips on knowing whether Wix is good for SEO or not, you can contact us today at +91-9355088080

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