Innovative Ideas For Optimizing Featured Snippets

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December 3, 2020
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What is SEO?
December 11, 2020
Innovative Ideas For Optimizing Featured Snippets

Who doesn’t want their business to show up on google search at first rank?  Well, to achieve this, one needs to stay updated with Google features. Google changes its featured snippet and updates its algorithms constantly. 

Now search engines show a lot more than just plain links for a query. Among all these things featured snippets are one that appears on top of the search engine result page. 

Moreover, the majority of people see and click on the link that appears in the zero position. That is why featured snippets are important. Now let’s understand the complete story behind it.  

A featured snippet is a piece of information that appears at the top of a search engine. It comprises the most relevant answer to a user’s query in just two or three sentences. People always look for results that include more information and should be convenient & easy to read. 

what is Featured Snippets

They are becoming popular as they offer quick results and you don’t have to click or go through anything to get your answers. Moreover, this is the best way to beat competitors, boost conversion rates, and to get more traffic. 

The snippets appear in different types so let’s have a look at them.

While optimizing for featured snippets, it is crucial to know every aspect about them. To rank your web content in these snippets, you need to understand the ways of structuring it. The most common forms are as below: 

  1. Paragraph

It is the most common type and it shows answers in a paragraph consisting of two to three lines. These represent answers to questions such as what, who, when, how, and why. You may see an image with the text accompanying it. It is pulled from the <p> HTML element.

  1. List 

As the name suggests, it shows answers to queries in a numbered list or bulleted list. This represents answers to queries related to step-by-step guides, recipes, etc,. It is pulled from the <ol> or <ul> HTML element.

  1. Table

You might have seen answers in table forms when you search for queries related to comparison among things. Search engine shows results from the source that has well-structured content related to prices, years, differences, and other numerical information. It is pulled from the <table> HTML element. 

  1. Video

Often you’ll see video snippets show up for answers related to ‘how to do’ or cooking, and song queries. Users may not search specifically for videos but it is a good way to help them and get them to your platform. It is pulled from the <video> HTML element. 

Before taking a step into optimizing the featured snippets, let us remind you of one thing. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your competitors. Check on what type of featured snippets they are ranking. 

Determine your goals. Know which content you want to appear in the snippets and what results you want to get from that like boosting traffic, increasing visibility, or any other benefits. Now let’s understand the different steps used for optimizing featured snippets. 

  1. Do Business Relevant Research For Question-type Search Queries 

To get your content in the featured snippets, you have to research diligently. Think like your target audience and you’ll get to know what they are looking for. 

Do Business Relevant Research

Check for the question-type search queries that they are using to get the services or products you are selling. For example, for digital marketing or SEO services, one can search ‘Who is the best SEO service provider near me?‘, ‘How to rank my business first on Google?’, etc. 

Put yourself in your client’s shoes and understand what and how they search for the results. Cover all the parts such as how, what, why, when, etc. 

You can also check the ‘People also ask’ section where you will get to know the ideas about the search queries, your competitors, and the type of content ranking on it, the way of writing content, and many more things. 

  1. Don’t Use Your Brand Name & First Person Language

Google has specific rules and it checks the content on that basis to rank it for featured snippets. Even if you add all the information it is possible that your content may not appear in the snippets. And this is all because you have used some parts of the language that make it ineligible to rank. For example use of the brand name and first-person language in the content. 

Featured snippets are the answers used for voice search queries. Thus, it is important to cover all the information in a few lines, and brand names or first-person language such as I, We, Our can be confusing to people listening to the answers.  

  1. Add a Q&A Page On Your Website

Q&A pages have a high chance of appearing in a snippet. This will include all the information related to your products and services that one needs to know. This page will address the concerns of clients and will also demonstrate your expertise. 

Add all the questions that users search for and try to give the answers in short paragraphs. Keep your answer short, relevant, and straightforward. 

Add a Q&A Page

First of all, the most important thing is to know what format is suitable for a  particular search query. For example, don’t write content in a paragraph for ‘How to do’ queries. There is the least chance of such an answer to show up in a featured snippet.

Structuring of content plays a vital role in optimizing featured snippets. Write content in a tabular form if you are targeting a table snippet and write answers in bulleted list or headings if you after a list snippet. Similar is the case with other snippets. 

Ranking on zero position can be gained without making several backlinks. Just provide relevant answers and you’ll be at the top of the search engine. Moreover, make sure you rank organically in the top 10 positions on the  Add high-quality images and videos to attract more users. 

rank organically

Find a leading SEO company that utilizes razor-sharp techniques to optimize featured snippets for your business. If you are interested then get a free quote by filling the small application form online or contact us at +91-935-508-8080.

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