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December 15, 2020
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December 30, 2020
Important Is Site Speed For SEO

‘Reduce page load time and Increase Website Speed.’

After spending months of hard work and investment in designing and developing a full-fledged website, you must be ready to launch it. Everything seems to be good at the front-end but even after thorough testing, there may be some things that you or your developer may forget to do. And when it comes to outcomes such as traffic, and SEO rankings,  many persons fail to see what they have expected. This may happen because of one important thing that most people forget to do and that is a website speed test.

The website speed is checked to ensure that the website pages aren’t loading slower than the expected time. What if your website design is stunning and you have published engaging content on it but still users are not visiting your website? You will lose a number of genuine customers and with time Google will drop your rankings. 

You must have heard that the first impression is the last. If your website takes ages to load, it will drive your customers away and hence decrease your sales. So, invest time in performing the google website speed test, if you want to increase your conversion rate.

What Is A Page & Site Speed? Increase Website Speed 

Many people often get confused between page speed and site speed. Let’s make it clear to you. Site speed is defined as the time that a website takes to interact with the user and how much time it takes to load when a user clicks on any element present there. Whereas, page speed is defined as the amount of time taken by the content to load on a particular webpage. 

Page speed is measured in different ways and these are as below:

TTFB (Time to first byte): How much time a browser takes to receive the first byte of information from the server.  

Fully loaded page: How much time a browser takes to fully load the content of a specific page. 

Now let us see what are the factors that determine page speed. These are hosting server quality, file size, bandwidth amount in transit, page elements, browser, images, etc. 

Why Increase Website Speed Is Important For Seo Success? 

In the website’s SEO performance, site speed plays an important role. If you don’t pay attention to this metric, you can lose traffic that will result in losing revenue. Some reasons why you should improve site loading speed. 

  1. It affects the ranking of the website on search engine

In a Google update given in May 2020 about the evaluation of page experience for a better web, it revealed that a variety of user experience criteria such as page load time and mobile-friendliness are added in search thus, these are factors for ranking results. so that makes Increase Website Speed a important factor in SEO

Google algorithms

Therefore, a website will be ranked on google if it follows Google algorithms, must have relevant and unique content, and less loading time. Thus, site speed plays a vital role in ranking on search engines.

  1. Google easily crawls the websites that take less time to load

Nowadays websites are made simple and attractive and are incredibly wieldy. Make sure the elements and the content is sorted and should be placed in an organized manner. These factors can make a huge difference. So, fix website structure, clean or delete unwanted and outdated posts, bring all redirects into order, fix URL structure, upload media files after compression, and more. 

One should invest in a better hosting server to reduce fetching time and to get improved performance. The bigger the file size, the more time it will take to load. This will not only impact rankings but also affect crawling. The faster your hosting server, the faster Googlebot will come and crawl web content.

  1. This reduces the bounce rate of the website 

Well, to improve your conversion rate and decrease your bounce rate, it is crucial to improve your website loading time. The ideal site load time is 2 to 4 seconds and must not be longer than that. If a site takes more time to load, users will eventually click on the back button and will never come back. This will create a bad impact on your business revenue. 

To increase brand visibility and conversion of users into customers, it is crucial to ensure that users must spend more time on your website. To achieve that one should do a regular site speed test and maintain it. 

  1. Websites with minimum site load time have high conversion rates

If a website takes less time to upload, there are high chances that more users will click on the link and visit. If more users visit your website, it will increase the traffic rate. And if users spend more time on the website there is a high probability of trusting in your brand and likely they will buy your services. Therefore, this will increase your conversion rate and generate more leads. 

  1. It improves the general user experience

Do you know several people feel real stress while experiencing mobile delays whether it’s about downloading a file or a website? Thus, minimizing the site load speed is going to please your clients and make them happy. This ultimately means that they are enjoying your site & content in it. this will make them visit your site again. Google considers such sites as great results for search queries because you are delivering the best when it comes to website quality.

Increase Website Quality
  1. Fast loading websites attract more users

We all will agree to this point that we prefer the sites that load faster. And we always use those sites to revisit to get related services and goods. Moreover, Google revealed in its research that was conducted in 2018. More than 53% of visitors leave the sites that take more than 3 seconds to load. Therefore, it is advised to conduct site speed tests regularly. You can use various tools for site speed checks such as Google Page Speed Insights, GTmetrix, etc.

Well, many companies provide Increase Website Speed Gigs and speed optimization services.

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