Businesses which need SEO Badly
List of Businesses which need SEO Badly!
June 8, 2020
Is Seo Important For Your Business
Is Seo Important For Your Business ?
June 23, 2020
Increase Leads by SEO and Social Media

For business owners who are completely new  in the digital marketing world, there is a misconception that SEO and social media are two different systems. But no, that is not the reality both SEO and organic social media marketing work together to create value and provide connection for your audience.

Social media plays a significant role in helping businesses recognize in front of a big audience. It is better to understand both social media and SEO as it helps companies perform better on both the channels. Doing SEO research  will help you know what your audience wants to read on social media. In return, audience research on social media helps you make more targeted content.

A good digital marketing strategy must have both SEO and social media working together to get the best results. In the following, we will look at different ways how SEO works together with social media to drive more visitors to your site.

drive more visitors to your site

1. Social Media Helps In Content Promotion

Social media can help your ranking through content promotion. The content in which you have worked so hard, social media allows you to promote it on different channels. It is the easiest and most influential way to push out your SEO-based content. Social media can impact your bounce rate because the incoming links from social media shares do not have the same influence as the original links from high-quality sites. If your content is good enough and people stay on your page for a long time, these measures can make value to search engines. Your aim should be turn best organic content into social media content so that you can  create communication with the audience and increase traffic to your site.

2. Social Media Boosts Engagement

Secondly, social media can help enhance your site’s SEO through increased connection. If your content is useful for someone and they share it on a social media platform, you will create a good communication with the audience.

Always keep in mind that engagement matters for SEO. You can benefit from social media platforms to promote your quality content. Engagement helps in increasing your online reputation plus making connections and generating leads for your brand. If your content gets many engagement on social media platforms, they will rank for the topics they cover. As stated by Moz, success is determined by an algorithm that sees whether users are engaged or not. If you engage more audience, it means that their algorithm is showing the right content.  If not then, Moz will find some other content that makes their interest.

ngage More People with Quality Content - SEO and social media

3. Sharing post on social media can help in Link Building

Social media can lead to original, high-quality links from other websites that are influential. No one uses social media as much as the influencers do. If your content is on the same channel with the influencers, there is an excellent opportunity that they might see it and link it to their blogs or websites. Social media is also helpful as it inspires external sites to link to your content. And if you have more various external links, you will be more visible in Google search engines. The main thing is that you should have high authentic content, or else your content is of no use to engage links.

4. Increased Brand Awareness Enhances SEO Rankings

Social media helps in growing brand awareness. When you publish good quality content consistently on social media, it will help in increasing your online presence and reputation. Building brand awareness is increasing the recognition of a brand. Using methods like broken link building, making infographics, and being active on social media communities can build strong links.

Increase Brand Awareness

5. Improve Your Social Media Profiles

It would be best if you optimized your profile on social media channels. If you’re using different social media sites. For better brand recognition, maintain the same image across all profiles or else you may miss out some potential customers.  Whether you own a small business or a medium one, you cannot ignore the power of local search. Google knows how important geography is and its connection to give people a good user experience. So make sure that your profile is updated with your current address, phone number, company name etc. People use social media networks not only to make connections but also to acquire information. In short, social media is growing as a unique search engine.

To help your content rank on search engines like Google, you can do keyword research and apply those keywords in your content. Applying the same thing on your social media profiles and posts may also be valuable.

6. Post regularly

Make sure your account on social media is active, and you post updates regularly. Sharing links on channels like Twitter and Facebook can be excellent to drive traffic. But all external links on these platforms are given a ‘no-follow’ attribute so that they won’t be of much value in SEO. If you want to get hold of both social media and SEO together, then you should invest your time on social media platforms that will provide ‘do follow’ links. Some examples are Tumblr, Pinterest, and Reddit – all of which are of great value for driving traffic.

Post Regularly on social networks

7. Optimize Images for Both SEO and Social Media

Images have a significant impact when it comes to giving a message and expressing your thoughts. But there’s another area where images play an essential role, and that is search engine optimization. Don’t miss out on pictures relevant to your content. Otherwise, you’re making a big mistake. Because images can help in driving organic traffic to your site if you control to optimize them well.

Share a content relevant Images


If you aim to keep a record of the total number of social media shares per post or see the number of social referral traffic you’re producing, it’s vital to calculate the measures that are helpful accordingly. If you want help, regarding your social media and SEO efforts, contact our toll-free (+91)9355088080 / +1(630) 960-5984 today to learn how to benefit your business.

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