How Can You Improve Your Search Engine Rankings For Blogs?

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April 17, 2020
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Improve Your Search Engine Ranking For Blogs

As marketer or business owner, there is a great opportunity to boost your search engine rankings. Blogging is the best way to do this! . But you need to find a long term solution to improve the search engine ranking for your blogs rather than a short term solution!

If you want to build a good web presence that is sustainable, then you are required to work according to Google algorithms. This will definitely help you get good traffic as well ranking on search engines.

organic traffic through SEO & SMM

This first starts by getting a good amount of organic traffic which in turn helps you get loyal customers. Search Engine Optimization, social media and email marketing are various ways to get good ranks on search engines. Among these blogging is one the  best ways to do so! This helps to start building traffic, attracting new customers, and developing brand identity.

Here are some of the ways that help you improve the search engine ranking of your blogs:

High quality content

To get more traffic to your website and increase its popularity, you should keep people engaged by providing high quality, fresh and useful content to them.  By keeping them engaged, you can increase the time they spend on your blog and ultimately increase your ranking! Websites that provide informative content usually have good traffic  as people tend to spend more time on them.

Post a Quality Content

Choosing the Right Keywords

The main aspect is choosing the right keywords! Keywords are highly important for a blog and SEO point of view. By choosing the appropriate keyword you can definitely rank well on the search engines. 

For doing this, you are required to firstly  understand what keywords would prove to be best for your blogs. Also, the keywords for which you want to get rankings. 

Also, search engine algorithms focus on the keywords that cover most part of the search query entered by the users. So this means choosing proper keywords and placing them in your content in accordance with the algorithms can help you rank better!

Social Media Sharing

Social media is the best way to get brand visibility and gain your brand identity these days! You need to share your blog posts and content on social media to get good rankings on the search engines. Start sharing your blogs on platforms like Facebook and Twitter to make your presence strong on these social media channels. The more you share, the more visibility it gets from Google. People may not always be ready to buy something or the other from your business website, but they are always interested in good and quality content related to the topics that they are interested in. This useful content will keep them engaged in your blogs through their social media.

Social Media Sharing

Your website will have a good presence on search engines if you get good links from other websites to your own website! But the links should focus on “Quality” rather than “Quantity” because at last it is quality that matters the most. Google’s Penguin algorithm update is something that has made it necessary now! These links definitely help to improve your search engine rankings and make them surge.

Mobile Optimization is important for your website

Mobile has taken over every device these days! This makes it important for your website to show a good response on mobiles phones. This is why mobile optimization is becoming highly important to give users a good experience. Google’s algorithm updates also make mobile optimization important for your ranking on Google.

website mobile optimization

Here are the following aspects where you can focus on while mobile optimization:

  • Layout- Optimize your pages, menus and posts for a better layout on mobile. It needs to be neat, clear and  organized. Bullet points should be there to make it easy to read for the users,
  • Font- Keep a check on font size and headings, Bold, Italics etc,
  • Things such as 
  • Landing page- Landing page needs a different strategy for optimization as your sales and leads depends on your call to action on landing page,
  • Content- Set a particular format for your content on a mobile that is comfortable for users.

Page Loading Page

Your blog’s page loading speed also affects your traffic and ranking on search engines. If your page speed is slow, then Google will recognize that and ultimately your ranking will be affected.  Also a slow web page will affect your user engagement with the blog. These negative interactions will have a bad impression on search engines as they reduce traffic on your site. On the other hand, if a page loads faster, then Google’s Algorithm takes that  into account and improves your ranking! 

website Page Loading Speed

Your content should be properly written in such a way that it helps the audience understand the topic easily. If they like your content, it will automatically affect the traffic and engagement on your blog. You should aim to  get a backlink to your website from other websites with the help of guest posting on those websites. This is called an “earned link” because you get it from your time and effort. The main idea behind it is to provide useful content to the users. 

It is good to use outbound links on your blog. These are links to other websites that are on your blog but direct you to those websites. This helps to enhance the credibility of your website and thus improve your rankings. 

Also make sure your blog has proper images, videos, slideshows etc  that are self explanatory. These are attractive for the users and make them spend more time on your blog, thereby increasing the user engagement, traffic and boosting your rankings. 

Make sure content readable

Your content should be written by Keeping your audience in mind. This is because they should be able to understand your blog so that they spend some time on your page. All this will ultimately increase the traffic on your  blog and improve your ranking on search engines. Also make sure your content is having proper header tags that are quite useful!

website contentvreadable

Proper contact information

Your blog or content should be having proper contact information for the users. It should be clear and easy to find for people.This is because many people leave the site if they do not get proper contact information on it. This negatively affects your blog’s ranking. You are required to add your phone number, email address, location address etc to make it easy for people and your ranking as well!  

Improve Your Search Engine Ranking Now With Your Useful Blog!

Nowadays, creating useful content that addresses the audience is the  best way to increase your search engine rankings. So if you want to improve your rank, then follow these simple strategies that will automatically help you in becoming the best and nothing can stop your blog to attain the “Number one position”!

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