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Spend Money Wisely On Marketing

Do you own a business and want to boost up your sales? Do you want to engage with a larger audience? Are you ready to put your product or service out there on a global platform? LeCiel Technologies has helped hundreds of businesses worldwide manage their marketing budget efficiently. We know exactly where to invest and how much to invest or spend money in order to get the best for our clients.

Marketing Budget Woes

Marketing has always scooped out a bigger portion of the budget for itself than any other aspect of a business. No owner would ever want his business to go unnoticed and not reach out to the maximum number of people. Be it a small enterprise selling soaps and shampoos or a big one making yachts globally, every business demands attention in order to flourish. This attention is possible only when marketing is done perfectly.

Marketing Budget Woes - Spend Money

At LeCiel Technologies, we help our clients with both traditional marketing and digital marketing. Best of our brains work on strategizing the ultimate marketing policy to help a business create an identity for itself among its competition.

Many owners choose traditional ways to promote their businesses. They spend a huge chunk of their investment on old marketing ways vis-a-viz:

  • Radio & Television marketing,
  • Print marketing,
  • Direct marketing etc.

Now imagine, in this fast-moving world, who has the time to read your brochures, leaflets, or for that matter wait for your ads to play on the radio or TV. Gone are the days of the yellow pages or when door-to-door salesmen used to get your sales boosting. People are evolving with technology. These are the times of Facebook and Twitter. The whole point of investing in these marketing ways is impractical now. The world is your stage and you need to get your business up there. Looking beyond these traditional ways is the demand of the time.

Spend Money on Digital Marketing

Get competitive in today’s digital landscape and use our special marketing tactics to achieve the most out of your budget. Choosing the right marketing partner for your business can be a tricky task especially when there are hundreds of options out there. To be honest, one wrong decision in selecting the digital marketing agency can burn a hole in your pocket without yielding positive results.

Through this blog, you’ll get to know about our various digital marketing tactics and why you should believe in us with your budget.


Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In simple words, it’s about getting your business in top names that appear in the result pages of a search engine like Google, Bing, etc. whenever a user looks for the product or service you deal in. It’s a proven fact that hardly any user moves on to the second page of the results that are extracted by the search engines. So, it becomes of utmost importance for any business owner to get his name on the first page. Now you must be thinking that there are hundreds of other people who deal with the same product or service like yours. How can you beat them all to rank in the top 10 results? That’s where we come in. we will help you optimize your website in a required way.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Valuable and engaging content gets you the relevant traffic like no other means. It’s all about staying evergreen with your content to convert that traffic into something meaningful, like happy customers. Google gives a lot of attention to the content while filtering through the results. If your content is meaningful and appropriate, you’ll automatically be topping the results. We’ll help you with powerful content creation.


Search Engine Marketing

In a way, it works on the lines of traditional marketing only. Through Search Engine Marketing we help you develop ads that will be displayed on the top of the SERP(search engine result pages). Advertising on the most used search engine i.e. Google to get the most traffic to your website at the right time is what we’ll help you do. It also offers Youtube video ads, in-app mobile ads, text-based ads, etc.


Social Media Marketing

This stands for Social Media Marketing. You very well know that nowadays almost half of the world is on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Many surveys have shown that in today’s fast-moving and all-the-time accessible world, a huge number of leads are generated via these platforms only. Customers talk about their purchases. It’s all about listening to your customers’ views and providing what they want. We can help you attract the relevant traffic to your website through effective marketing tactics.


Pay Per Click advertising

Pay Per Click advertising is another great way of maximizing your customer base. It allows more customers to land on your site after being redirected from your ad. You pay a certain amount of spend money to the site or search engine your ad was on. It is very important for you to optimize your website in order to make the customer stay on your website. Through PPC you can set a budget on a daily basis and maximize your profits. Unlike other paid advertisements, here you are sure to save and gain as you get to pay only for the visits. This gives you the right idea of all the clicks, impressions and conversions; and the success of your ad.


Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management is a self-explanatory concept. Once you have built your brand on the web, it is important to work on the repute now. LeCiel helps you manage your reputation through effective SEO. ORM is an overall concept that includes looking after your social media presence, doing some damage control by handling the negative reviews if any, checking for the negative information on the web about your brand, etc. We will look after you so that you can look after your product or service.

Video Ads

Video Marketing

Running a video ad campaign should be your number one priority. This medium is gaining pace over the years and is set to prove to be the number one source of gaining customers. Visual content has a greater ability to engage larger traffic than any other advertisement source. There’s a huge boom in digital video ads budget and it is to further increase. Video ads work on any model, B2C, B2B, enterprise, etc. We help you make creative video content to connect with your audience at a deeper level.

To Conclude

Marketing is an investment. For any brand, it is important to spend a significant amount of total budget on its marketing. The right strategy and the right marketing partner can help you reach the break-even point in no time. There’s no harm in loaning some money if it leads to more profit eventually.

Ravi Sharma
Ravi Sharma
I am passionate about content writing. I write articles for businesses that want to see their Google search rankings surge. My articles focus on balancing informative content for the website that helps businesses to connect with customers through content online. Find more about digital marketing concepts here that could grow your business.
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