How Long will it take for my site to show up on google?

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time take for my site to show up on google

Google is a search engine that means different to different people! With the high use of the internet these days, Google has become the most widely used search engine in the world. This is the reason why everyone wants their website to show up at a good rank on Google. Obviously, if you make a new website and launch it, you would definitely want your friends and family to see it!  But how does it actually happen and how long does it actually take for your site to show up on google?

However it is impossible to find out the time limit in which our site will show up on Google, as it can sometimes take days, weeks or even months. This is because we actually do not have control over google and its algorithms. These algorithms are used to index a site and we cannot force it to rank our website immediately! Google’s algorithm basically focuses on quality content than the actual number of people driving towards it or sharing that content. This is because Google wants to show up best results to its audience for great user experience.

Google Serach Engine

The higher the quality of content on your website, the greater opportunity you will have for inbound links, shares, thus you will get a good site authority.

 Also, there are different factors on which it depends. This includes your site’s authority and the age of your website’s domain as newer websites take much longer to rank as compared to older ones. 

The site’s authority is highly dependent upon these factors: 

  • The Number of inbound links on your website that point towards your website
  • How much is the authority of these inbound links. This means what is the influence of the other sites linked to your websites. 
  • The amount of traffic that your getting on your website

Traffic from High-Authority Sites

Difference Between Google Indexing and Showing Up On Google

Many people think that Google indexing and showing up on Google are the same thing. But this is actually different! Getting indexed is the first step means that your website has entered Google’s database. But to make sure that Google indexes your website, you increase your site’s loading speed. The faster the site loading speed, the faster will be the indexing speed by Google. This can be checked with the help of sitemap. But getting indexed does not mean that it will definitely show up on Google’s top result pages. There are many other factors that determine this. 

But definitely, there are some things that you can do to to wait minimum for your site to show up on Google.

These are some of the Shortest Ways that can help your site rank on Google!

  • Submit your Sitemap to Google Search Console 
  • Submit your Website’s link directly on Google.
  • Link your website’s page to an already well ranked page on Google. 
  • Get other website influencers to link to your page.
  • Create blogs and publish regularly which increases the chances to get indexed quickly and increases the site authority.
  • Writing press releases which have links toward your website.
  •  Installing Google Analytics helps Google know that your site is well active: 

Some Additional Ways To Show Up Your Site On Google!

  • Keep A Check On Robots.txt.- Make sure your robots.txt file is not blocking Google’s crawlers and bots to index your website’s content. So, it becomes very essential that  our robots’ settings are properly activated. 
  • WordPress Settings- If your website is built on WordPress, make sure you have proper settings turned on for allowing the search engines to index your site. 
  • Google Search Console. Connecting your site with Google Search Console also helps it show up on Google.It will help you analyze  and notify if any type of errors are there. Google Search Console is a service offered by Google that allows any site’s sitemap or page to be submitted directly to Google for indexing.Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics. You need to ensure that you get Google Analytics linked up with your website. This is also a service offered by google that helps you analyze traffic on your website.  With the help of Google Analytics, you let Google know that your site also exists. 

    Google Analytics

  • Backlinks. Having other websites linking back to your site is called backlinking. This is also one of the ways to get Google’s attention! So the more number of backlinks you get, the higher the chances of showing up on Google! You can get that with the help of social media as well like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter if you make sure these sites link back to your site. Also making your profile strong on other backlinking websites will help you get good results.

  • On-Page SEO. On Page Search Engine Optimization is highly important if you want your website to show good results on Google.Make sure your pages are properly formatted which will make them search engine friendly. One of the most important parts of On-Page SEO are the meta tags that include the title tag and the description tag. This will help you optimize how your website appears on Google’s SERP.onpageSEO
  • Local SEO. Local search engine optimization might take some time or a few weeks for your site to show up in Google’s organic Search Engine Results Pages, but it is one of the  most effective and long term strategies to get that position on Google. 
  • High Quality Content.  Having high quality content on your site will help it show up on google as early as any other thing in the world! Also, high-quality content can help you get backlinks to your site from other websites or blogs. 
  • Brand Campaigns- Running a brand campaign is also one of the simplest and inexpensive ways to show up at the top of Google’s result pages instantly when someone Google’s your business’s name.

Brand Campaigns

Get The Desired Results and Speed Up The Process Of Showing Up Your Website!

Showing up on Google is not at all  an overnight process and will take some time as we cannot force Google to speed up. But working efficiently and in a step by step manner and following the above steps can definitely speed up the process and help you out to get the desired results.

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