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How Does Instacart Work – Before analyzing the working of instacart, we need to understand and learn about what instacart is. Instacart is an American company that operates a grocery delivery and pick-up service in the United States and Canada. The company offers its services via a website and mobile app. The service allows customers to order groceries from participating retailers with the shopping being done by a personal shopper. It lets you shop from local grocery stores online, then sends a “personal shopper” to fulfill and deliver your order to you the same day.

How Does Instacart Work?

With the advancements in technology, it has become easier for people to shop from home and the Instacart business model has added on to e-shopping Now, you can order food with your smartphone with just a few clicks, not only food, but you can also shop for books and household supplies from online retailers such as Amazon. One of the most popular grocery delivery apps is Instacart, which you can use to receive your products and groceries in almost an hour. Let us have a look at how does this magical tool works.

How Does Instacart Business Model Work?

It allows customers to shop at the local grocery stores via a mobile app or their website, it works by creating a virtual shopping cart that is later fulfilled by a “personal shopper” on a designated day. Usually, Instacart offers delivery of the items and products on the same day. Shoppers can head to the store of your choice and later deliver the order all in one day using their car — or you can also plan the order for delivery on a different day.

Since Instacart doesn’t sell any groceries itself, your shopper will notify you in the

app if something you’ve purchased is out of stock or unavailable and will work with you to find a suitable replacement.

grocery store

What stores does Instacart work with?

It all depends on where you live. Local grocery stores in your area — including small businesses like liquor stores or gourmet butchers — may partner with the platform to allow Instacart shoppers to deliver their goods. But it has relationships with many of the major big-box retailers that Americans know well, including Aldi, Wegmans, Kroger, Safeway, Giant supermarkets, Food Lion, Harris Teeter, and regional options like Publix. Customers can place delivery orders in 5,500 cities across the country, with offerings from more than half of all the grocery stores in the U.S. and Canada.

If you want to see which grocery stores deliver in your area, you can enter the zipcode there and analyze if the delivery to your place is feasible or not. Instacart partners with the members that offer items in bulk.

Who are the founders of Instacart?

Instacart was founded in 2012, the Founder and CEO of the company is Apoorva Mehta. It is one of the new technological developments which has shaken the world with its business model. Being a leader and adding to the economy, instacart has received excessive funds to expand its grocery delivery services across the USA. The amount of funding that instacart has been receiving shows the trust of investors in this start-up and its projected future.

instacart memberships

How Does Instacart Work and what’s the cost? Are there any fees?

Instacart lets you place orders for the grocery even if you have not signed up for one of its memberships, which includes Instacart Express, proceed at $99 annually or $9.99 a month. Shopping without a membership often results in higher delivery and service fees per order, which can range based on your order’s subtotal and also how fast you want your order to be delivered.

If you have an express membership, you will enjoy free delivery on orders that are more than $35. Moreover, you will avoid many of the fees that non-member shoppers are subjected to, including busy pricing, which is an extra charge that occurs when Instacart shoppers are facing more orders than usual, as well as free one-hour delivery (which normally comes at a surcharge). Orders under $35 may be subject to a delivery fee between $3.99 and $9.99, depending on how soon you’d like to receive it and if you have an Express membership (which lowers this fee).

Groceries priced on Instacart are often directly set by retailers — and some users have reported that in certain cases, items sold within the app are marked higher than they would be in the store.

Instacart business model

Instacart is a 4 step model, the steps are-

  1. A customer places his order for groceries and pays online to Instacart.
  2. A personal shopper or a businessman receives the order and starts collecting the items mentioned in the order.
  3. The shopper pays the bill through Instacart’s prepaid debit card which is accepted at the store.
  4. The shopper then goes to deliver the groceries to the customer as per the address mentioned in the order.

Now, let us have a look at how Instacart makes money?

  1. Delivery fee- Each order placed on Instacart which is above $35 charges a delivery fee of $3.99 for a scheduled or 2-hour delivery and $5.99 for 1-hour delivery. Orders ranging under $35 are charged $7.99 for a scheduled or 2-hour delivery and $9.99 for a 1-hour delivery.
  2. Membership fee- Instacart offers a final membership of $99. Users can make use of this membership to get free delivery of groceries for a year.
  3. Markup prices- A few stores selling products on instacart offer the sane price but others listed on Instacart have a markup of 15% more than their in-store prices. The revenue from these mark-up prices goes to Instacart from their in-store prices.

How Does Instacart Work

How does Instacart find customers?

They find customers through-

  1. Internet marketing.
  2. Word of mouth advertising.
  3. Various offers.

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