Is Wix Good for SEO
Is Wix Good for SEO?
October 6, 2020
Rank Your Brand New Website on GOOGLE
How to Get Rank Brand New Website on Search Engine
October 19, 2020
How Do I Use SEO On Wix

Learn about SEO On Wix :- Many of us use the Wix website builder due to its simple features. You don’t require any technical background if you create a website in Wix. You just need to know how to use the internet and you can get an online presence without involving a third party. If you are a small business owner on a low budget, the Wix platform can be useful for an effective online presence and to promote yourself.  

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is one of the most important aspects to be considered by  small business owners and web designers who want to optimize a website. Wix is one such platform where you can build, design and promote your website easily. In this blog, we will find out how Wix has succeeded in terms of SEO. 

SEO Wiz tool

SEO on Wix  – Let’s Begin With Wiz

SEO Wiz is a tool provided by Wix. There will be certain questions asked by this tool where you will be suggested how to plan your SEO on Wix.

The Wix dashboard has a section divided into Marketing & SEO. This is where you’ll start the process. After that, look for Customer Management, Analytics & Reports, and Finances sections to become an expert in handling your online business.

When you create a website, it is important to work on your SEO. Once your business is online and has a proper location, you have to enter the keywords related to your business which is then followed by three words that best outlines your business.

After your website starts drawing the attention of the target audience, you can focus on keyword research or use Google Keyword Planner tool to make sure you see the most suitable keywords for your business. The keywords can be changed frequently according to your requirements. 

Now you can move forward with the use of longer keywords for SEO. Though these keywords may get fewer clicks than the shorter ones, the people who click on longer keywords are the ones looking for something very particular. Submit them after you are done. 

How To Manage Your SEO Plan?

Now there is a list of things to do based on your current website and the keywords entered. Follow the steps to manage your SEO plan:

  • The homepage title should be updated. 
  • Update homepage SEO description.
  • Make sure your website has a responsive design.
  • Improve your web copy.
  • Your website must be connected to a domain and Google Search Console.

After you have followed the steps mentioned above, your next job is to do SEO optimization:

  • Add Alt-text
  • Contact information should be updated
  • Social links updation
  • Setting up homepage hyperlinks
  • Update online page title
  • Change online page SEO description
  • Set up online page hyperlinks
Search Engine Optimization

Don’t think your SEO job has ended here. It’s a continuing process. As long as your business grows, you need to upgrade these items regularly. 

You can do the following things by yourself:

  • Choosing an attractive domain name
  • Setting up Metadata
  • Submitting your sitemap to Google 
  • And adding backlinks

A Good Domain Name Is Essential For SEO

The most up-to-date SEO practices for Wix sites include building your secure domain name. This makes your site look excellent, plus it can benefit your SEO. You can even buy a domain name through Wix too. A good domain name can either be your business name or what you do. In short, it should be brief, eye-catchy and easy to spell.

Good Domain Name

What Do You Need To Know About Metadata?

Almost all businesses aim to rank high on Google. But a question arises on how Google will know about your pages. Firstly, you have to create the right metadata, that is, the meta title and meta descriptions for each page. Through metadata, you tell the search engine about your website. But sadly, many site owners have default descriptions for each page. 

This can have a bad effect on your search rankings. But if you write unique titles and descriptions for each page of your website, it can help in ranking those pages higher. 

You can do this in two ways. First, go to Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence), select the page, click the gear icon, find “Page SEO”, and enter your descriptions.

Submit Your Sitemap

Many of the users who use Wix to build a website forget to submit the sitemap through Google Search Console. Submitting a sitemap means giving Google a map of your website. With the help of this map, Google can find your site easily and your website can rank on Google searches. 

Go to the Google search console to submit your site. Now click ‘sitemaps’ which is on the left side of the menu. Now type ‘sitemap.xml’ to your domain name and then click “submit”. 

wix sitemap

If you use the SEO Wiz tool, you just have to connect your domain name and the rest will be done accordingly. Your SEO can be improved with that one click. 

This step is very essential and indeed a tricky one. If you get more backlinks, it tells Google that you are engaging with more professional sites which in turn improves your SEO. The backlinks can be earned by sharing the content through social media, reaching out to social media writers and famous bloggers so that you can make a good relationship with your audience. Besides this, one of the best ways to get more backlinks is to produce great and high-quality content. 

Using Wix For Blogging

You can run a blog in Wix within seconds. Search engines appreciate fresh content and recently updated websites. So a blog is certainly the best way to keep you updated and write about different topics. 

Concentrate On Local SEO

You should focus on your local SEO as it helps you to get the attention of more people living in your area who are looking for different services or products near them. The most important step to local SEO is setting up and declaring your Google My Business Profile. Once you affirm your business, it will be shown up in Google Maps, and users can easily find you.

Concentrate On Local SEO


SEO is very demanding in marketing and like any other website creation platform, Wix is good for SEO. If you want to know about how to improve the search engine optimization of your Wix website effectively, contact LeCiel Technologies at +91-935-508-8080 . We will not only optimise your website for search engines but also provide useful insights for generating more leads.

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