How Can We Make Women Feel Special On International Women’s Day?

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March 5, 2020
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March 8 every year is celebrated as International Women’s Day throughout the world! This is the time of the year when we should all appreciate the hard work and cultural and economic achievements of women and pledge to promote gender equality. It is a day to remind everyone and most importantly ourselves why girls are amazing. The female population has always been suppressed and mistreated in the course of human history. They have been buried or burnt alive to death, beaten up by their own partners, etc.

Some of them have been kidnapped and trafficked, some denied education, voting rights, property ownership, equal pay, etc. There are millions of girls who are not attending schools globally. Also according to a survey, among the undernourished population of the world, the majority of them are girls. There is so much that a woman goes through every day. Despite facing all these problems, they still never stop asking for their equal rights, equality, freedom, opportunity, and dignity.

An Amazing Opportunity To Support Women!

International Day of Women provides an important opportunity to support women through proper education, protection from child marriage, abuse and trafficking. This important day highlights all the issues that are faced by women all over the world. People should be well aware of the fact that educating girls also strengthens the economy.

There’s no better day to celebrate and encourage them other than International Women’s Day! Here are some of the ways through which we can celebrate this occasion:

Promote Gender Equality in Workplaces

Many women are lucky to be part of organizations where gender equality is an important principle. But not all of them feel so lucky as at some point or the other, they have to face biased behavior at their place of work.

Promoting women empowerment and a balance in gender equality has proved to be good for business. According to a study, companies who perform better have more women as compared to men. Also, a company’s performance largely increases if they have women in leadership roles. But the step towards gender equality does not only end here. People should be made aware of this fact so that gender biasness does not get over the top!

Celebrating and Appreciating Their Achievements

This day is the best to celebrate the success and achievements of those girls who have done extremely well in their lives and achieved something great! There are many young girl leaders and activists who are making big efforts to take a stand for women’s rights around the world. International Women’s Day is a day to make girls realize that they should enjoy their freedom and support, access various opportunities that come in their way should be aware of what they want to be, develop and enhance their knowledge for their progress.

Take a Stand To Support Them

Every person as an individual should take a stand to support women and their rights everywhere possible. Showing a ‘special’ behavior and not ‘biasness’ would definitely make their day! Make them feel how beautiful, strong, capable and intelligent they are. However, there are many laws in most of the countries that support their rights and freedom and help in women empowerment!

Gift Them Something

Let every woman in your life know how important they are for you. This can be done by a sweet gesture like gifting them something and letting them know you appreciate them and how happy you are to have them in your life.

The best way to help Women out is just by giving them a ‘chance’ which can mean the most to them in life!

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