How Airbnb Works? Develop App And Website Like Airbnb

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Learn How to Develop App And Website Like Airbnb. Airbnb, Inc. is an American vacation rental online marketplace company based in San Francisco, California, United States. Airbnb maintains and hosts a marketplace, accessible to consumers on its website or via an app.

For many travelers, the question of where to stay in a foreign city is obvious: Airbnb. Since its launch in 2011, Airbnb has gained a reputation as a convenient app that allows users to save money on trips, meet hospitable people, and live like a local.

The success of Airbnb did not happen overnight. To understand and analyze the Airbnb business model you will have to understand the idea of the same. The idea was built in the year 2007. In the year 2008 Airbedandbreakfast was launched. By the year 2009, almost $20,000 in funding was received and the website was changed to In the year 2010, $7.2 million in funding were received by the company. In the next year i.e. 2011 bookings reached millions and funding of $112 million were received. In the year 2012, the company reached 10 million bookings. In the year 2013, the company announced that the European headquarters would be located in Dublin, Ireland. By the year 2014, the company received the funding amount of about $475 million, and also in this year, it revealed sign revisions to the site and mobile app, introducing a new logo. In the year 2015, it announced a new “business travel ready” badge and host tools and also received funding of $1.5 billion. In the next year, it acquired travel startup Trip4real and received funding of $555.5 million. By the year 2017, it acquired Tilt, Adbasis, Accomable and received funding of $447.8 million. In the year 2018, the company announced Airbnb plus. By the next year, it announced “natiivo”, and acquired hotelTonight. And they are still growing.

Before thinking about how to develop an application and website like Airbnb, we need to understand what is Airbnb.
Brian Chesky and his partner Joe Gebbia came up with the idea for Airbnb when they couldn’t afford to pay their rent. They decided to transform their living room into a bed and breakfast – with a nice homemade breakfast – for three guests. They raised some money this way, then started looking for investors to fund their startup.
Today Airbnb describes itself as a peer-to-peer marketplace. But to understand it simply, Airbnb is just an accommodation letting service. It provides the same basic functionality as any booking site, but with one major difference. While most booking sites aggregate offers for hotel and motel rooms, Airbnb connects people who are looking for accommodation with people who want to earn some money by letting their own private living spaces.

Airbnb has two types of users-

1. Travelers or guests
2. Hosts

Now let us have a look at how does Airbnb works.

Develop App and Website Like Airbnb

  • Step1 –  is where the host signs up on the platform and list their spaces for accommodation with the details.
  • Step2 – includes where travelers browse the website and book the place.
  • Step3 – involves where the admins inform the hosts of the bookings.
  • Step4 – includes the payments by the travelers, i.e. they pay the rental fee to the host.
  • Step5 – includes the check-in and check-out by the travelers.
  • Step6 – includes the ratings, here the travelers rate and give reviews about their stays.

Now it’s time to talk about a plan where you can make an app like Airbnb.

Steps to make an develop app and website like Airbnb

There are several vital steps that you need to follow to make your project successful and profitable.

  • Step 1 includes creating a business plan. It is not enough to come up with a business idea. You will be required to consider a business plan to follow your goals and stay organized.
  • Step 2 includes finding developers. To create an app like Airbnb, you will be required to corporate with an experienced developed team. These days there are basically two variants available. In house or outsource software developers. You can choose one of both and decide what suits you the best.
  • Step 3 includes Building a user-friendly design. By building a user-friendly website is meant to build a website that takes care of both UI and UX design beforehand.
  • Step 4 involves integrating several features. It is common to build an app like Airbnb starting with some basic features, The MVP version of the service allows getting some feedback from the users and understanding their needs. After that, it’s possible to add some advanced features to make your application unique.
  • Step 5 is all about testing the app before launching it. The application should be tested carefully to eliminate bugs and provide users with a great experience.
  • Step 6 is about releasing the app and updating it on a regular basis. It’s necessary to regularly maintain the app and offer users new and exciting features.

These are the steps that you will be required to follow to create one such application. Now let us move onto Airbnb app features and their cost.

The service has a lot of features that need to be implemented during the course of development. The functionality of Airbnb’s business model will affect the final cost. Let us have a look at them more precisely.

1. Registration– To use any app one will be required to register and then only he/she will be able to use the app. The basic option is to provide users with email and password registration. Not only this, it is important to create a ‘term and condition policy’ screen since the users have to agree with the policy of use.

2. Login- After the registration, users need to log into the app easily. So, it’s better to provide them with several options like login with email, Google account, and Facebook. Each integration takes approximately 8 hours of development for one platform. Additionally, there should be such functions as ‘Forget password’ and ‘Log out’ to make an app like Airbnb user-friendly.

3. Search- This function is important for any booking service. Users should be given the opportunity to select the dates, places and also apply the necessary filters that they want to add for a better search result.

4. Favorites- The users should be provided with one such option so that they can keep shortlisting the places that they like. So that they can shortlist and finalize later.

5. Chats- After requesting the host for the stay, the host and the guest can start a conversation and discuss the details of the stay.

6. Profile- Airbnb has two types of profiles, one is for the users i.e. the guest and the second is for the hosts. Both of them need to have an opportunity to edit their profile and add required personal data like full name, age, sex, and so on.

7. Payments- How to make an app like Airbnb successful? It’s good to offer users various payment methods to make this process easy and secure. Also, there should be opportunities to add and remove credit cards.

8. Order- The last core feature of any booking service is requesting a stay. The users choose the flat or house to stay in and can book it if the accommodation is available on the selected dates.

To make revenue like this business model, you will be required to have one such for your business as it will help you to expand and grow it in tremendous ways. If you are looking for someone to make one such model for your business then Leciel Technologies is the right place for you. For more information on the same or to clear any doubt, you can contact

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