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websites like fiverr

Even better, it won’t be a clunky, subpar imitation of Fiverr; instead, it will be a stunning, fierce rival. You can use WordPress or website like fiverr to build a marketplace for services where sellers can register and buyers can make purchases from them by using the tools we’ve recommended here.

The website you’ll build

The logo, colors, images, and all the text you see can be changed, but this should give you an idea of how the site will appear.

As you can see, vendors can add services to your website along with an image gallery, personalized pricing, and client testimonials.

Let’s talk about how to build your freelance gig website like fiverr specifically now that you have an idea of how it will look.

How to build a site similar to Fiverr

A website like fiverr can be created in five steps in total:

  • Selecting a domain name
  • Obtain hosting (Nexus)
  • Install the plugin for HivePress.
  • Get the TaskHive theme installed.
  • start your website 

In this tutorial, I’ll give you an overview of these steps so you can gather all the materials you need to create a website for a gig marketplace.

First, let’s talk about the domain name.

getting a domain

The URL people use to access your website is called its domain name, such as in the case of this one.

Finding a good name that is still available is difficult; registering a new domain name is simple. This article offers some tips for getting a great domain name.

You can use that guide to determine whether any domain you are thinking about is available.

Obtain hosting

You require a server to transfer the website’s files to the visitor’s browser in order for your website like fiverr to load.

You will rent space on another person’s server, which is what we call hosting. As opposed to purchasing and maintaining your own server hardware (nobody does that).

Nexcess is a great host for those just starting out with WordPress. 

In addition to being inexpensive and user-friendly, Nexcess provides a few other noteworthy benefits.

  1. A standout performance

Nexcess is much more affordable and operates much faster than the low-cost hosts. It’s a great mid-tier package for anyone looking for a quick and easy WordPress hosting option.

  1. They create a WordPress site for you automatically.

It’s a big part.

The installation of WordPress is entirely optional. The site is automatically create for you by Nexcess, which also has a hosting environment designed specifically to run quick WordPress sites.

This indicates that you’ll have a live WordPress website at your preferred domain a short time after creating your Nexcess account.

You can now convert your live WordPress website into a marketplace for services once you’ve finished this step.

Study the fundamentals of WordPress

It’s a good idea to learn the fundamentals of WordPress before you get into the more advanced material.

You can add the service marketplace functionality once you’re at ease in the WordPress admin dashboard.

Install the plugin for HivePress.

A lot of functionality is need to build a website like Fiverr, but the HivePress developers have already thought of everything.

Installing the free HivePress plugin is the first step in creating a WordPress Fiverr clone.

HivePress operates in an easy manner. Your website gains a new Listings menu where you can add new directory listings just like you would a post or page. Each listing has a separate page on your website with a HivePress plugin-integrated design.


you can add unique attributes and categories to your listings. For instance, you could include an attribute for the cuisine type if you want to create a directory of restaurants.

On the listing pages, the attributes you create automatically appear.

That being said, you may be wondering how to use the free HivePress plugin to create a directory website.

How does this become a gig-finding website?

The TaskHive theme can be use in this situation.

Get the TaskHive theme installed.

A gig website is a services directory, and HivePress provides you with the building blocks you need to create your directory.

The same developers who create HivePress also create TaskHive. Which offers a straightforward method for converting your straightforward directory into a marketplace for freelancer services.

TaskHive offers the following premium extensions for HivePress in addition to enhancing your website’s aesthetic appeal:

  • Marketplace
  • Requests
  • Tags
  • Favorites
  • Messages


The Marketplace add-on is the most significant one because it lets users add their services and set up their own seller accounts. In order to control how much of a cut you receive from each sale, you can also set the commission rate. 


Vendors will sign up and compete like on Fiverr to offer their best services to customers once the Marketplace extension is add.

The additional extensions let customers leave reviews, communicate with sellers, and “favorite” services they like. 

You’ll be able to automatically install every bundle plugin after installing TaskHive.

You can then easily customize each plugin to your preferences, and you’re ready to go!

Reasons why I advise TaskHive

What makes TaskHive so great is that it’s the only WordPress theme for a services marketplace that was also create by the creator of the directory plugin. All other approaches call for integrating goods create by various developers, which can be complicated and unreliable.

If you need any assistance, you can find tutorials for using TaskHive. And all of the extensions in the well-document knowledge base maintained by the HivePress developers, which brings me to my next point.

There are many plugins required because replicating Fiverr is a very complex website like fiverr. But compar to other solutions, the HivePress creators have significantly simplified it.

Here are a few alternatives you can consider, even though TaskHive is the WordPress theme I advise using above all others.

Alternative approaches

Dokan is yet another all-inclusivThe eCommerce functionality still requires WooCommerce, but Dokan manages the marketplace features on its own. n its own.

Dokan’s drawback is that, unlike TaskHive, which is expertly integrated with HivePress and its extensions, you must find a compatible theme to use with it.


The Mayosis theme is excellent for building an online marketplace for digital goods and can also be customized for service marketplaces.

It works with the Easy Digital Downloads plugin rather than WooCommerce, making it especially well-suit for selling goods without shipping.

Of course, the developers have it all figured out; you’re here to build a freelance marketplace similar to Fiverr, not a store for digital goods.

Build a Custom Website Like Fiverr

I hope this guide has provided you with clear direction for moving your website forward.

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