6 Methods To Increase Your Website Domain Authority 

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Increase YourWebsite Domain Authority

Among a large number of factors that Google uses to rank particular websites, Domain Authority  is one of the most important ones that has gained a significant importance over the years. When we talk about this important term in accordance with the search engine rankings, it is highly essential to first know  what exactly it is, how it is so important and what are the steps to increase your website domain authority for your website. 

What is Domain Authority and Why Is It Essential For Your Website?

Domain authority or DA is a metric or developed by Moz varying between 1 to 100 indicating the relative quality of the number of backlinks created for a site. It estimates how well your website will perform and rank on search engines and depends upon a variety of factors. 

Moz DA Checker

It is an excellent way to measure how well you are working on your search engine optimization techniques and strategies for your website’s ranking,  traffic and to stay ahead of your competitors. Higher domain authority will help you get a higher search engine ranking and thus more traffic for your website. You can easily determine your website’s position on the search engine with your DA score. 

A website with lower DA rank but highly engaging content will rank lower than websites who have a high DA that has comparatively less engaging content. This example tells us how important is Domain Authority for a website. 

Steps To Increase Your Website Domain Authority

Here are some of the major steps that can help you increase your DA score and get better ranking results and traffic for your website:

Google focuses on a number of backlinks from high quality and authoritative external websites. Therefore, you need to make sure that you make high quality backlinks. Check all your website’s backlinks with the help of different tools like Ubersuggest or Ahrefs backlink checker. With the help of these tools, you will be given complete information about your number of backlinks and their Domain Authority Scores. Focus on the backlinks that have more DA scores as they will be the ones that will grab Google’s attention. 

Aherf Backlinks Checker

High-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the most important factors that affect ranking of a website on search engines. Results have proved that the maximum websites that have lower number of high quality backlinks have lower domain authority. This is the reason why it is important to have backlinks in  order to get a successful website. 

With the help of Google analytics tool, you can find your major referring websites and then create backlinks to them with the help of blog commenting, sharing posts, blogging, guest posts etc. Also, you can perform competitor analysis and get other important websites to get effective backlinks just as your competitors. 

Write High Quality Content To Increase Your Website Domain Authority 

As we all know that content is the king and most important ranking factor for website domain authority. Your chances of getting backlinks from websites with high DA will increase if you write and publish high quality content that everyone would like to share.  Writing longer articles with some good and point to point  information for the users. This will keep them engaged and stay on your website for a longer duration of time which will automatically increase your traffic. Take care of your heading tags, image alt tags, targeted keywords, page titles, keyword stuffing and keyword density. 

This will also increase your website domain authority, which is a significant factor in calculating your DA. 

For this, you need to focus on the main web pages of your website and write about the trending topics that are relevant according to your website. The content on the most searched topics will be shared more by the audience online which will ultimately help you get a higher website domain authority.  

Your Site Structure Should be User Friendly

Your site structure is one of the most important factors that plays an essential role in getting a good website domain authority score. It should be simple and user friendly so that it is easily indexed by Google and included in the SERPs.   Your site structure also includes how easy your website is for the users when they are using it on various devices like PC, mobile phones and tablets. It should load quickly and provide an excellent experience to the user using it. 

create User Friendly website

Increase Your Publishing Frequency

You should keep posting or publishing your blogs frequently. It should be done on a regular basis which will help you increase your website domain authority. If you fail to do so regularly then it might decrease as well. Frequent blog posting can get more traffic, higher page rank, Increases conversions, sales and thus more revenue. 

Internal Linking Should Be Proper

Internal linking reduces the bounce rate on your website and is an excellent way to increase the website Domain Authority of your website. If your internal links are proper, then this means that you are keeping more people on your website for a longer duration of time as they are more likely to move from one page to another or from one link to another. Search engines also find it much easier to index the competlte site as they get an idea of which page is more relevant. 

Increase Internal linking


Well, the site’s Domain Authority does not increase instantly as it cannot be stolen from any other high authority website. It takes time and requires patience to increase steadily. Therefore, you should create a long term strategy to increase it effectively.  Following the above mentioned 6 steps  along with removing all the toxic bad links regularly will definitely help you increase the DA score of your website. 

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